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Shane Hazel

Account Executive

Shane Hazel

Shane Hazel

Peace, liberty & consent create environments that promote the passion and genius in all of us.


In late 2005 after two high op tempo combat deployments as a Force Recon Marine, I decided to finish my degree in international business at the University of Georgia. For the next 15 years I lead teams in the aerospace industry as an international business development director, account executive & program manager.

Much of my life experience led my wife and I to create a very independent anti-fragile family which manifested in homesteading, home schooling, jiujitsu and bitcoin. In 2022 I founded the Brave Collective Post Traumatic Stress Mission that works with veterans and civilians with cutting edge natural medicines.

In 2018 I began podcasting, and today I host and produce the Bitcoin Veterans & Radical podcasts.

Bitcoin story

Inspired by Ron Paul, I became a student of Austrian Economics in 2008 and devoured Rothbard, Mises, Hayek and every other Austrian author I could get my hands on, special thanks to the Mises Institute.

In 2016 I began planning my entry into politics to fight the corruption of the fiat counterfeit class. I ran campaigns for (2018) US Congress, (2020) US Senate & (2022) Governor of Georgia where I discovered that freedom can only be achieved after we fix the money.

It was 2019 when I finally found bitcoin maximalists Alex Svetski & Saifedean Ammous that connected Austrian Economics and Bitcoin for me. As I poured through every bitcoin book, article & podcast I could find I had the realization that Bitcoin was scarce inevitable money that no counterfeit class on earth could manipulate or steal.

From there I was determined to find my place in the Bitcoin only industry, and lucky for me the amazing people at Swan had an opening.


  • Family
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  • Homesteading
  • Enlightenment

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