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Kristin Thompson

Head of Events

Kristin Thompson

Kristin Thompson

I believe in standing up for my convictions, even if it means standing alone. And I revel in being the dumbest person in the room. This makes Bitcoin and Swan, a perfect fit.

Kristin’s Back Story

Kristin spent an award-winning decade in advertising working with top-rated television & radio stations like CBS and NBC. After the birth of her son, she transitioned out of media, learning to speak, sell, and host workshops for a personal development company. She later started SpeakServeGrow, helping businesses use marketing, speaking, and events to generate greater visibility, community, and growth.

Kristin’s husband (who works in Swan’s Engineering and Security Department) introduced her to Bitcoin in 2017 and down the rabbit hole she went. Years later, Kristin attended a conference deepening her conviction in Bitcoin and deepening her desire to use her marketing, speaking, and event expertise to support Bitcoin companies.

She read Yan Pritzker’s book Inventing Bitcoin which lead to her becoming an early Swan customer. When the company was ready to expand its marketing team and was considering hosting an event, it was the perfect time for Kristin to join the team. Kristin now oversees Swan’s sponsorships, webinars, and in person events, with a mission to create more Bitcoiners & greater financial freedom around the world.

My Bitcoin Journey

My husband first told me about Bitcoin and said I had to watch these videos about this “new digital money”. He couldn’t have imagined the door he was opening. I watched the videos, I read as much as I could, and I started connecting with Bitcoiners on Twitter. “We have to make it a goal to get a whole Bitcoin”, I said. And so it began.

As an entrepreneur who hosted live events, I would create large surges of revenue over a single weekend. Yet even when I warned my payment processor of the rush coming, they were always eager to freeze my account. They claimed, “it could be fraud”, despite my having warned them and having all the signed contracts and paperwork as well.

My friends who owned their own agencies and consulting companies had the same experience. Funds could be frozen for weeks or months.

This made me fully aware that even though every penny I earned was legal, and even though it was my hard work that generated it, the bank and the payment processors had all the control over my money. This is what first opened my eyes to Bitcoin, and made me open to its message. Once open, I could not look back. I wanted to do what I could to spread true financial freedom to as many people as possible.


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