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Alex Stanczyk

Managing Director

Alex Stanczyk

Alex Stanczyk

Get on the mission.

My Story

I grew up travelling quite a bit in a military family. I went to high school in Miami, Florida. We played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons as kids! Yes, that may sound nerdy, but I like to believe it helped me think outside of the box and consider imaginative ways to go around, under, or over obstacles and challenges in life.

I joined the military right out of high school and spent a total of 7.5 years in service with 3 deployments overseas. I was assigned to the USS Missouri BB63 during Desert Storm and learned alot about explosives and how to sleep on steel decks when you get tired enough.

After the military I taught myself IT by breaking and putting things back together, and eventually ended up as the Director of IT for the largest aerospace union in the USA doing network stuff.

These days, I spend my time working with high net worth investors who are just starting to explore the world of Bitcoin.

One thing I’m really passionate about is educating people on how to safely buy and store Bitcoin.

I host a daily show called Café Bitcoin, where I get to interview some of the smartest minds in the world of Bitcoin. And I’m excited to say that we’re fast approaching 100,000 monthly listeners!

Before joining Swan, I spent eight years managing a physical gold fund, based out of Switzerland. During that time, I worked directly with high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals for over fourteen years. If you are a gold advocate and want to learn about why I switched the lion’s share of my portfolio to bitcoin, I am happy to chat with you!

Finally, I am a certified firearms instructor, and one of a handful of people in my state authorized to instruct and test for concealed weapons licenses. I have done competition shooting in the past, and look forward to doing it again after we have orange pilled enough people (Get on the mission!).

All of these experiences have taught me the importance of resilience and personal responsibility, and I try to bring that into bitcoin education on our podcast.

Why I’m Passionate About Bitcoin

It was not until 2019 when I started a deep dive into what makes Bitcoin tick that I realized several things which shifted me on a deeply philosophical level.

Until this time and for many reasons, I assumed that the only path back to an honest monetary system was gold.

However, there are several reasons why my view has changed. This Bitcoin thing is not going away; there is no way to stop it. Bitcoin is the first money of its kind in human history in three important ways:

  • It requires no one else’s permission to transact it.

  • Its supply is permanently limited. This is the first time we have a form of money that does not respond to demands for more of it in terms of its supply growth.

  • It has at its core a mechanism making it immune to human attempts to subvert its rules and change it into something that is not good for mankind.


  • Travel
  • Teaching fire-arm use
  • Educating young people

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