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Isaiah Douglass

Account Executive

Isaiah Douglass

Isaiah Douglass

Bitcoin adoption is the story of this decade. Humans finally have a tool that provides clarity and respects their time and energy. The magnitude of change that bitcoin brings is widely-misunderstood — my mission is to help close that gap.


Growing up on a hog farm in rural Indiana helped me learn the value of hard work. Seeing the impacts of finances on family life at an early age made me interested in learning about finance, money, and investing. I promised myself I’d learn to help ease the burdens I saw my parents endure.

I took the college, MBA, and finance route to work at a big brand name brokerage firm. It became very clear that it wasn’t for me long-term.

I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and launched a financial planning business. While I was able to talk about bitcoin and educate clients — it was clear it was time to make a move to work in bitcoin full-time. The knowledge gained helped me understand personal finance and the opportunity bitcoin plays to allow life to become easier when saving in a superior asset.

Bitcoin story

I was working at a big brand name brokerage firm in 2017 during the FOMO period and had lots of wealth management clients calling our team asking about this thing called bitcoin. The party line was to tell them it was “fake” “a bubble” “tulips” and not to waste their hard-earned money. Fast forward as the price corrected hard — we could trout out how we “protected” them and that’s why we were the experts. When I saw bitcoin did not die, I became intrigued and tried to learn a bit.

In 2019, I read Saifedean Ammous' The Bitcoin Standard and it opened my eyes to for the first time understanding a simple, yet profound question. What is money? Why it’s embedded in the fabric of society. Why as it currently stands is broken. How bitcoin solves and improve things.

Entering 2020 and the madness that ensued — I’ve not stopped learning about bitcoin since.


I’m married and a father to two young boys. I’ve been a long-standing University of Florida fan and since my honeymoon in 2017 AS Roma. I enjoy cooking and baking high-quality foods and pair that with working out to ensure I’m around a long time to see bitcoin adoption.

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