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Jeremy Showalter

Chief Product Officer

Jeremy Showalter

Jeremy Showalter

Bitcoin is freedom money. It challenges us to learn about the world. I want Swan products to be where humans meet Bitcoin.

My Back Story

I have always enjoyed building. From helping the family renovate a 100-year-old
barn into a home, to studying engineering, to tinkering with Bitcoin miner heaters,
building has been part of my life.

That love of building has moved into other functions and locations over time –
establishing and growing teams in marketing and sales and across geographies and

Before Swan, I was building Weave Savings, a social impact fintech to encourage
regular savings and savings groups to build relational capital.

I also served as CEO / Co-founder / Investor in Pique, that provided AI/ML
personalized product and content recommendations. Pique was 2021 by MoMo, one
of Vietnam’s largest fintechs and unicorns.

Prior to startups, I had a 13 year career at Microsoft, across Corporate, Ireland and
Vietnam. I served as Global Director of Small, Medium, & Corporate and Scale
Growth at Microsoft Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft Philanthropies, where I was
responsible for revenue and P&L, sales teams, sales engines, and product offers for
the nonprofit industry. And previous roles at Microsoft included 5 years as COO and
CMO of Microsoft Vietnam, and product leadership in Microsoft Ireland and product
management and finance in Corporate.

My Bitcoin Story

Sent: Friday, January 31, 2014 7:00:54 AM 
To: Jeremy Showalter
Subject: bitcoin
Hey, You invested in bitcoin? Should I be?


This was my ‘first touch’ with Bitcoin. I probably suggested he buy QQQ at the time.

My ‘second touch’ was in 2017 when I saw colleagues post on Facebook about buying things with Bitcoin.

I FOMOed in 2018, roughly at the same part of the cycle my Dad asked me about it. I finally did the work to read and learn more about it starting in 2020, via a good friend, The Bitcoin Standard, Thank God for Bitcoin, and many many hours of podcasts.

I later wrote back to my Dad in the summer of 2021. “Follow your gut. And be ready for gut wrenching movements, meaning don’t try to time the market. Just buy and hold. Jan 2014 was a high of $800 it would then fall by half. It’s now $35000 after falling from $68000. So yeah 44x in 7 years is great if you hadn’t sold!”

And that is why our work at Swan is so important — to educate, to buy over time with dollar cost averaging, and to hold for the long term.


  • Hiking
  • Home renovations
  • Pickleball
  • Family games
  • Tinkering in all sorts of projects

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