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Swan Bitcoin IRA is Live!

Secure your retirement with the Swan IRA by diversifying your savings with tax-advantaged Bitcoin in Traditional and Roth IRAs.

Jeremy Showalter
Zane Pocock
Jeremy Showalter and Zane Pocock
Feb 23, 2023February 23, 20233 min read3 minutes read
Swan Bitcoin IRA

Swan Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin is the ultimate asset for your retirement. Create a tax shelter for exponential returns! Get started in less than 2 minutes. Book a call with one of our Bitcoin IRA specialists today!

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As the best store of wealth ever created, Bitcoin and retirement accounts are made for one another. We are excited that Swan IRA is now available to all US clients ¹.

We believe bringing Bitcoin to retirement accounts together can significantly improve Americans’ retirement security and be a major driver for Bitcoin adoption, so we decided to build the best Bitcoin IRA on the market. 

Here’s what makes Swan IRA special:


First and foremost, Swan IRA is Bitcoin-only. The Swan mission is to educate about Bitcoin to encourage its further adoption. Swan IRA fixes this. Take advantage of real Bitcoin, tax-free ².

Most IRA options are filled with crypto tokens or BTC proxies. These are risky investments, significant liabilities for IRA providers, and a danger to retirees.

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Fast and Easy Setup 

Planning for your retirement is already a lot of work. Setting up your IRA accounts needs to be as simple as possible. With Swan, you can add a Traditional or Roth IRA from your dashboard with just a few clicks. Seriously, opening your account and making your first contribution takes less than 60 seconds.

Seamless Transfers 

Transfer funds into your new Swan IRA from an existing IRA via a simple request form or a rollover from a 401k or other employer retirement account.

DCA ready

Swan IRA wouldn’t be Swan-ish without the ability to set up Recurring Buy Contributions just as easily as you created your Swan account, or set up deposits from Transfers or Rollovers!

Simple Fees

Swan IRA has simple and transparent fees, $20/month or 0.25% annually for balances above $100K. 

Support and Education Throughout 

The Swan team can discuss options and help throughout your retirement journey. As always, our educational content is easily accessible across all our channels.

This is just the beginning of Swan’s tax-advantaged offerings. For an overview of what’s coming in the next few years, see Cory’s post, Bitcoiners, It’s Winning Time. We are particularly excited about the launch of Swan IRA, as Bitcoin held in American retirement accounts can potentially accelerate adoption in the United States.

As Bitcoiners, we will continue to design and build Swan products to be where humans meet Bitcoin. Check out where we rank in the industry across Bitcoin and Crypto IRAs. Connect with us on Twitter and Telegram, share feedback, and get on the mission together.

If you plan to transfer or rollover over $50,000, one of our Swan Private advisors will assist you. Get started today!

Swan is a leading Bitcoin financial services company with more than 120,000 clients and 170 employees, operating globally. Established in 2019, Swan helps individuals and institutions to understand and invest in Bitcoin. The Swan app simplifies Bitcoin purchases with instant and recurring buys. Swan IRA provides a tax-advantaged solution for saving Bitcoin in retirement accounts.

For HNWIs and businesses, Swan Private provides white-glove service for large purchases, treasury solutions, and employee Bitcoin benefits. With Swan Vault, clients can easily custody their own Bitcoin with peace of mind. Financial advisors trust Swan Advisor for client Bitcoin allocations, backed by world-class custody and educational content.

Swan Managed Mining provides clients with fully segregated and dedicated mining operations, catering to their unique requirements, opportunities, and strategic advantages. Swan prides itself on exceptional client service, making Bitcoin accessible to all. For more information, please visit


¹ Available to all US residents aged 18 or over (excluding HI, NY, SD, TX).

² Swan Roth post-tax. Please speak with your Swan expert for details & consult your CPA.

Jeremy Showalter

Jeremy Showalter

Jeremy is the Vice President of Product at Swan Bitcoin. His mission is for Swan products to be where humans meet Bitcoin.

Zane Pocock

Zane Pocock

Zane is a software engineer at Swan Bitcoin.

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