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Swan API

The Swan API enables partners to quickly integrate Swan’s Bitcoin services.

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Specter Desktop

Specter Desktop is Bitcoin wallet software that connects to your Bitcoin Core node. Specter now also connects to Swan for native Bitcoin purchasing services.

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Specter Desktop


Swan has partnered with Trezor to save in Bitcoin with scheduled buys direct to your wallet. Set a fixed amount to buy every week, fortnight or month and build your bitcoin savings gradually without worrying about the price.

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The monetary system and the healthcare industry have both been corrupted by perverse incentives that put the financial stability of the United States, and its citizens, at risk. Two firms, each leading revolutions to change their respective industries, have joined forces to develop an alternative way for Americans to pay for their health care.

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Hexa Wallet

Hexa, a leading Bitcoin wallet, is the first Powered By Swan partner. Hexa users are able to open a Swan account, view balances, purchase history, and set a threshold for automatic withdrawals straight to their Hexa wallet.

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Our mission

Swan’s mission is to create 10 million new Bitcoiners through fast, easy onboarding and world-class education and client service. We’re proud to work with our partners toward reaching this goal.


We believe that only Bitcoin has serious long-term viability. Our laser focus on Bitcoin allows us to deliver exceptional products, education, and service for our clients.


When you power your Bitcoin purchasing with Swan you’ll earn 25% of Swan’s fees on all buys your users make.

Own your future. Get started with Swan today.

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Swan Bitcoin does not provide any investment, financial, tax, legal or other professional advice. We recommend that you consult with financial and tax advisors to understand the risks and consequences of buying, selling and holding Bitcoin.

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