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Steven Lubka

Head of Swan Private

Steven Lubka

Steven Lubka

Being alive constitutes an aristocracy which there is no getting beyond. He who is most alive, intrinsically, is King, whether men admit it or not.

— D.H Lawrence.

My Story

I grew up in the Catskills around the turn of the millennium, the interregnum between the analog and the digital.

I ran a software development agency, became fascinated with Bitcoin, and lived much of my life online. I also overhauled my entire life to walk 13 miles a day, in the sun, among other practices.

Bitcoin, is particularly interesting to me because despite its digital nature, I actually think it has the power to reconnect our society with the tangible and the real.

My Bitcoin Journey

I discovered Bitcoin in early 2017. Like many others, I experimented with cryptocurrency and blockchain in 2017. By 2018, I had realized that Bitcoin was what mattered.

At first, I understood it as a technology. It was only later that I grasped the staggering monetary implications of Bitcoin. I’ve always been interested in technology, however I increasingly feel we ask the wrong questions about technology. It has gone from something which was used in service to human goals, to something which dictates and drives our society with little human agency.

This same tension plays out via the melodrama between Bitcoin and Crypto. Bitcoin is a purposeful and specific application of technology towards a directed goal. Crypto is the cult of innovation, of 'anything goes' just keep disrupting things.

I believe human interests need to come first and influence how we approach technology.

The institutionalization of finance has created many sacred cows which dare not be challenged. I believe that Bitcoin can challenge this orthodoxy and help us examine what growth in service to human flourishing looks like.


  • Walking
  • Sunlight
  • Deadlifting
  • Philosophy
  • Non-Materialist Metaphysics
  • Meaning & Purpose

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