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Nathan Dennis

Product Manager

Nathan Dennis

Nathan Dennis

Bitcoin enables us to see into the future, which in turn enables us to be more present.

Finding Purpose

Like many kids growing up, I had no idea what I was passionate about. All I knew is that I wanted to make money. I also didn’t get along with school. I found it to be very slow moving and repetitive. So it was no surprise when I decided against completing school or any further education and went straight to work.

I started off in retail, then moved into hospitality, and then I decided to travel. I started in Australia where I worked on a farm, then over to Fiji and the Pacific Islands, up to Indonesia, across to Malaysia and finished off in Thailand. After returning home to the UK, I decided it was time to commit to a career and I ended up joining the recruitment industry, where I focused on helping technology companies grow their teams.

After 5 to 6 years and various job roles, I started to question the meaning behind my work and where I was spending my time, so I decided to take a break in 2019, and this is where the Bitcoin episode of my life began.

Bitcoin enables us to see into the future, which in turn enables us to be more present.

Help Bitcoiners to find jobs

During my career break in 2019, I started to research Bitcoin and at that time what I thought was the “wider” crypto industry. It was a time in my life where I was starting to question a lot of systems and societal structures, as I had a gut feeling that something was wrong.

When Covid hit, my gut feeling grew stronger and with the mass layoffs, I was blessed with free time to dive deeper into my research. From there I put hundreds of hours into podcasts, books, articles, tweets, etc…, and it became clear that Bitcoiners were my people. In the summer of 2020, I had my “a-ha” moment and finally saw Bitcoin for what it is. It was beautiful.

By this point I was laser focused on Bitcoin-only. At the end of 2020 I met Cory on Telegram. He was driving an initiative to help Bitcoiners find jobs at Bitcoin companies and I knew I could help. After some late nights building, we launched Bitcoiner Jobs in February 2021 and I later joined Swan in August as their first product focused team member. I now live and breathe Bitcoin and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🧡


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