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How to Buy Bitcoin in 2024 with Cash at Walmart in 4 Easy Steps

Buying Bitcoin at Walmart in 2024 is easy. Select a Bitcoin wallet. Choose a P2P exchange. Bring required documents. Submit details. That’s it! In this article we dive into a step by step with all the details.

Feb 5, 2024February 5, 20249 min read9 minutes read

Forget complicated online exchanges; today, we’re talking about a simple, tangible way to buy some Bitcoin at Walmart. Whether you’re a Bitcoin beginner or just prefer the tangibility of cash transactions, this guide is tailored for you. 

TL; DR: Short on time, here’s the must know 4 steps to buy Bitcoin with cash at Walmart…

  1. Select & configure a Bitcoin wallet

  2. Choose a P2P exchange & verify details

  3. Bring required documentation to Walmart & find the teller

  4. Submit transaction details

Let’s start by talking about your Bitcoin wallet.

Think of it as a non-physical wallet for your Bitcoin.

Step 1: Select & configure a Bitcoin wallet

Part of the reason why Bitcoin is so cool and for everyone is because it changes how we think about and interact with money.

The Bitcoin network is decentralized, meaning it cuts out banks, money transmitters like Western Union, and other middlemen, making transactions directly peer-to-peer.

Your Bitcoin wallet is key to this whole process. It’s not just for buying, selling, or keeping your Bitcoin; it’s actually a software program that holds your public and private keys, which are essential for your transactions.

Bitcoin wallet keys work a lot like your email account. Think of it like this: 

Private keys = email password

Public addresses = email address (your Bitcoin wallet receive address)

Each private key is your super-secret code opens the door to not just one but billions of public addresses (these are your potential email addresses) for sending and receiving Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Address / Private Key Example


It’s like having a master key to an incredibly vast network of digital mailboxes!

Imagine these as the codes to your own personal sovereign digital Swiss bank account. They’re what keep your Bitcoin secure and under your control.

There are several types of wallets out there. Let’s take a quick look at each!

Hardware Bitcoin wallets

What: Users store private keys on a purpose-built piece of hardware. 

Pros: Private keys never touch the internet, which reduces the risk of losing them. Suitable for long-term storage. If you lose your hardware wallet, you can use the backup seed phrase to restore your wallet. 

Cons: Users must secure a seed phrase backup, which requires a thoughtful strategy to protect it. It’s recom­mended to write down your seed phrase on metal and store backups in multiple locations.

Note: Protecting seed phrase backups is standard practice for wallets where the user controls the private keys. 

If your hardware wallet is stolen, your funds are at risk of being hacked.

Mobile Bitcoin wallets

What: Users store private keys on a mobile device. 

Pros: Simple to use, suitable for begin­ners, works for small amounts, conve­nient for spending even though most people rarely spend their Bitcoin right now (too much upside to holding for the long term)! 

Cons: Least secure option as private keys are on a device connected to the internet. If an attacker gains physical access to your phone, funds can be sent to their own wallets. Not suitable for long-term storage. 

Example: Muun

Desktop Bitcoin wallets

What: Users store private keys on their desktop computer.

Pros: Good UX, Conve­nient for spending even though most people rarely spend their Bitcoin right now. 

Cons: Not very secure as computers are connected to the internet and vulner­able to attacks. Not suitable for long-term storage. 

Examples: Bitcoin Core and Electrum (advanced), Specter (inter­me­diate), Block­stream Green (beginner)

Multi-sig Bitcoin wallets

What: User stores private keys in a unique wallet that requires multiple private keys to sign before your funds can be moved. For example, in a “2‑of‑3” multi-sig wallet, a user needs two out of three private keys to send funds.

Pros: One of the most secure ways to store your Bitcoin, reduces the effec­tive­ness of physical attacks and is suitable for long-term storage. 

Cons: Hard to set up on your own, but several services exist to make it easier. Not conve­nient for spending, but that’s the point. 

Examples: Swan Vault, Unchained Capital’s Vault (2‑of‑3), Specter (DIY), Electrum (DIY)

Paper Bitcoin wallets 

What: This is a method where your Bitcoin private keys are printed on a physical medium, such as paper. It’s a form of cold storage, meaning it’s kept offline.

Pros: High level of security due to being offline, reducing the risk of online hacking and cyber thefts. Ideal for long-term investments as it’s not susceptible to electronic damage or failures.

Cons: Vulnerable to physical damage like fire, water, or getting lost. Requires careful handling and storage. Also, it is not convenient for frequent transactions or trading, as it necessitates the transfer of data from paper to a digital device for every transaction.

Examples: Generating keys using open-source software like Bitaddress, storing them in a physically secure location, using a tamper-evident sealed envelope.

Learn more about the best Bitcoin wallets in 2024, here.

Step 2: Choose a P2P exchange & verify details

Before visiting Walmart, ensure you’re getting the best value. Take a minute to check what the optimal times for purchasing Bitcoin are to secure a favorable rate.

To buy Bitcoin with cash at Walmart, you have two options besides using a Walmart gift card:

Coinstar Kiosks

Allows customers to use cash to purchase Bitcoin at select Coinstar kiosks inside more than 200 Walmart locations across the United States. 

Walmart2Walmart Money Transfers

You can also use Walmart2Walmart money transfers to buy Bitcoin. 

Remember though, each purchase incurs a transaction fee of 4% and a cash exchange fee of 7-11%. 

Pro Tip: Look for a seller who is open to using money transfer services, specifically Walmart2Walmart transfers. Like MoneyGram or TransferWise, this service allows sending money between Walmart locations. 

Finding a Bitcoin seller who is agreeable to transact via Walmart will help you avoid extra steps and fees. Explore multiple P2P exchanges to find one that aligns best with your requirements.

Once you find a seller:

  1. Head to the Walmart Money Center or customer service counter

  2. Provide the cashier with the details from your P2P exchange

  3. Pay the cashier in cash 

  4. That’s it!

Remember: You’ll need to keep the receipt and send the transaction details to your Bitcoin seller for verification. The seller will then be able to collect the cash from their chosen Walmart location.

The fee applied is based on the amount transferred. The fee percentages for each transfer range are as follows:

Fee Structure

Transfers up to $50 (with a $4 fee): 8%

Transfers between $50 and $1,000:

  • At the minimum amount of $50 (with an $8 fee): 16%

  • At the maximum amount of $1,000 (with an $8 fee): 0.8%

Transfers between $1,000 and $2,500:

  • At the minimum amount of $1,000 (with a $16 fee): 1.6%

  • The maximum amount of $2,500 (with a $16 fee): 0.64% 

Finally, your P2P exchange will provide all the essential details for the Walmart transaction. Make note them down or take a photo for easy reference when you visit Walmart.

Step 3: Bring correct documentation to Walmart & find the teller

Alright, now it’s time to visit Walmart. Be sure to bring along the details gathered from the previous step.

Head to either the Walmart Money Center or the customer service desk. They are typically located near the store’s entrance.

Upon arrival, present the teller with the information from your P2P exchange. Then, pay the cashier and make sure to keep the receipt for the following steps.

You must also have a valid, unexpired, government-issued photo ID. Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • U.S. Passport

  • International Passport

  • U.S. Permanent Resident Card

  • U.S. Driver’s License (including Puerto Rico)

  • State ID (including Puerto Rico)

  • Military ID

  • Tribal ID

  • Mexican Matricula Consular

Pro Tip: You might find it helpful to know that Walmart2Walmart money transfers can also be made to and from Puerto Rico. This is beneficial if your Bitcoin seller is located in either the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

Step 4: Submit transaction details

There are only three simple steps to submit your transaction details: 

  1. Provide transaction information.

  2. Confirm your transaction with the BTC seller.

  3. Share the information on your receipt to demonstrate you’ve fulfilled your part of the deal with the seller. 

The seller will then be able to collect the funds from your Bitcoin exchange at their preferred Walmart location. This process can be completed swiftly, often within just 10 minutes or one Bitcoin block confirmation.

For added convenience, you can monitor the progress of the transfer through Walmart’s 'Track a Transfer' feature. Simply enter your last name and the reference number from your receipt to use this service, which is available on Walmart’s official website.

Final thoughts

While buying Bitcoin with cash at Walmart might seem like a handy option for those spur-of-the-moment sat-stacking cravings, let’s face it; i’s not always the smoothest ride. Between the hustle of store aisles and the nuances of the purchasing process…

Why juggle cash, vouchers, online P2P exchanges or stand in line at Walmart — when you can buy Bitcoin effortlessly from the comfort of your own phone or computer on the Swan App

With Swan, you get a user-friendly platform, with industry best customer support that makes buying Bitcoin as easy as swiping on your favorite app. 

If you’re looking for a way to include Bitcoin in your retirement portfolio, check out Swan IRA.



Drew is a Research Analyst for Swan Bitcoin. He is dedicated to helping onboard the next 10 million Bitcoiners.

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