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The Best of Jimmy Song

I’ve learned a tremendous amount from Jimmy and I highly recommend his books to better learn about Bitcoin. Here are some of my favorite pieces from a true Bitcoin OG.

Sam Callahan

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Jimmy Song has been a prominent Bitcoin educator, developer, and writer for many years now. He has the rare skills to explain Bitcoin at a complex, technical level as well as simplify it for beginners to understand. This is a sign of someone who has truly mastered the subject matter at hand.

Jimmy has authored several Bitcoin books including “The Little Bitcoin Book”, “Thank God for Bitcoin, ‘Programming Bitcoin’, and ‘Bitcoin and the American Dream’. He also pens the popular newsletter Bitcoin Tech Talk.

Why Bitcoin Works

Jimmy Song on Medium
8 minutes
In this piece, Jimmy explains why Bitcoin simply works and the impact that bringing back sound money will have on our society as a whole.
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Why Bitcoin Works

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Sam Callahan

Sam Callahan


Sam Callahan works at Swan Bitcoin in Client Services and Research. He is dedicated to educating people about Bitcoin and spends his time it writing, thinking, and attending meetups in order to help people understand this new, disruptive technology.

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The Best of Jimmy Song

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