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Under the Hood of Bitcoin Mining

This rabbit hole dives deep into the technical, economic, and philosophical aspects of how Bitcoin mining works and where it’s headed.

Kaz Bycko
Zane Pocock

Created by Kaz Bycko and Zane Pocock

@btcKaz and @zanepocock

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Bitcoin Mining Explained

Yan Pritzker on Twitter
5 minutes
Yan Pritzker breaks down Bitcoin mining as a lottery system.
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Bitcoin Mining Explained

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Kaz Bycko

Kaz Bycko


Head of Mining Services, Swan Private. Cofounder of Red Dirt Mining.

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Zane Pocock

Zane Pocock


Engineer, Swan Bitcoin. Cofounder of Red Dirt Mining.

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Under the Hood of Bitcoin Mining

A Rabbit Hole by Kaz Bycko and Zane Pocock

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