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What the Hell Even is Bitcoin?

Guy Swann

Created by Guy Swann


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The biggest hurdles to understanding Bitcoin, in my experience, have been understanding how a completely virtual thing could have such immense value, tied to a general ignorance about what money is.

Below is a selection of episodes and article from my show, Bitcoin Audible, that will lay the framework for understanding Bitcoin in a different way. In my life I have never encountered anything as multifaceted and endlessly fascinating as Bitcoin. I hope you find value in what I’ve put together below.

Guy’s Take #44 — Bitcoin is Not What you Think it is

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1 hour 9 minutes
The foundation for understanding Bitcoin is far deeper than one might first assume. It has less to do with computer literacy, and more to do with language and systems that ensure cooperation.
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Guy's Take #44 - Bitcoin is Not What you Think it is

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Guy Swann

Guy Swann


The Guy who has read more about Bitcoin than anyone else you know! Host of the popular Bitcoin Audible Podcast.

Listen to all the best works in Bitcoin, made Audible

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What the Hell Even is Bitcoin?

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