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Stephan Livera Rabbit Hole

Stephan Livera

Created by Stephan Livera


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My rabbit hole is a mix of curated concepts and ideas gathered across almost 9 years studying Bitcoin. I believe to really learn about Bitcoin, you have to know enough across various disciplines to understand the how, what, and importantly, the why.

This includes austrian economics, cryptography, history, networking, politics, energy and distributed systems.

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ReasonTV on YouTube
45 minutes
A great history and intro on the cypherpunks, who were the predecessors of Bitcoin. In this excellent documentary by ReasonTV, you will learn about the Crypto Wars and the predecessor technologies before Bitcoin.
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Stephan Livera

Stephan Livera


Stephan Livera is a Bitcoin Podcaster, Managing Director of Swan Bitcoin International, Co-Founder of Ministry of Nodes, and Partner with Bitcoiner Ventures.

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Stephan Livera Rabbit Hole

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