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Even those who claim they disagree entirely with individuals across the aisle agree on many things. Bitcoin being apolitical quickly puts this into perspective. Open minds, critical thinking caps on, and away we go.

Trystine Payfer

Created by Trystine Payfer


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The majority of people who go into public service do so with a big heart and a goal of giving back or fixing something that affected them or someone close to them.

Pain points in public service typically stem from a lack of funding or transparency and accountability with appropriated funds. Other times, pain points come from manipulating monetary policies to avoid what would be a “catastrophic” outcome (i.e., one a representative or appointee wouldn’t survive reelection or reappointment from.)

This rabbit hole aims to show how Bitcoin can address these problems and many more. The resources below are not an exhaustive list of propositions or arguments to listen to or read, but it is a start, and I hope it encourages a continuance of a journey down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

See you down there!

Check Your Financial Privilege

Bitcoin Magazine
Alex Gladstein on Bitcoin Magazine
18 minutes
Take a step back to see the big picture! Alex Gladstein shares with readers how financial privilege blinds dollar users to Bitcoin’s importance.
Read on Bitcoin Magazine
Check Your Financial Privilege

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Trystine Payfer

Trystine Payfer

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