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Bitcoin’s Prehistory

This is the story of the shoulders Satoshi stood on to bring about the Bitcoin Revolution.

Sam Callahan

Created by Sam Callahan


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The story of Bitcoin begins long before Satoshi sent his white paper to the Cryptography Mailing List in 2008. The fight for privacy and freedom in the digital age started with the Cryptographers, and then the mantle was taken up by the Cypherpunks, and now, the torch has been passed to the Bitcoiners.

Satoshi was no doubt a genius, but he didn’t invent something new from scratch. Rather Satoshi cleverly combined existing technologies to create something new and groundbreaking, Bitcoin.

Whitfield Diffie on the History of Cryptography

What Bitcoin Did
Peter McCormack and Whitfield Diffie on What Bitcoin Did
The history of BTC begins with the Cryptographers. Without these pioneers, BTC may have never come into existence. This is an interview with Whitfield Diffie, a cryptographer who recounts his time building in the space.
Listen on What Bitcoin Did
Whitfield Diffie on the History of Cryptography

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Sam Callahan

Sam Callahan


Sam Callahan works at Swan Bitcoin in Client Services and Research. He is dedicated to educating people about Bitcoin and spends his time it writing, thinking, and attending meetups in order to help people understand this new, disruptive technology.

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Bitcoin’s Prehistory

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