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Bitcoin Gaming

This Rabbit Hole walks through a brief summary of the beginnings of Bitcoin gaming and rounds out with resources covering the current state of the ecosystem.

Desiree Dickerson

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Games have played an important part of social interaction since the dawn of civilization. While some sources date the earliest recorded game play to the Paleolithic era, the introduction of value into games emerged around 3,000 BC. As history progressed and games took on digital form, value in games quickly became regulated, outlawed, and deemed gambling. In parallel, in-game currencies quickly arose, stripping video games of real-world value.

As we spend more time online and creating virtual content, re-integrating meaningful value is essential to paving the way for equitable virtual interactions and economies. Rather than minting new, and likely flawed, virtual currencies specific to a game, Bitcoin’s sound money principles along with the speed of the Lightning Network provide a highly divisible, interoperable asset, perfect for video games.

Bitcoin gaming is quickly getting the attention it deserves. Companies like THNDR Games, ZEBEDEE, and Satoshi’s Games are building the foundation for the future of gaming on Bitcoin.

Mobile Bitcoin Gaming Is Powering Up on Lightning

Jeff Wilser on CoinDesk
30 minutes
CoinDesk’s Jeff Wilser investigates Bitcoin in mobile gaming and highlights the work of THNDR Games and their portfolio of work.
Read on CoinDesk
Mobile Bitcoin Gaming Is Powering Up on Lightning

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Desiree Dickerson

Desiree Dickerson


Desiree Dickerson is CEO and Co-Founder of THNDR, the most popular mobile gaming company built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. THNDR is gamifying the world with Bitcoin, offering world-class mobile games and Bitcoin tools for developers and businesses. Desiree served as VP of Business Operations at Lightning Labs after a career in management consulting. Desiree graduated from Georgetown (M.S.) and the University of Chicago (B.A.).

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Bitcoin Gaming

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