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Bitcoin & Quantum Computing

Learn why the risk of quantum computing is overblown and far away from becoming a reality in the rabbit hole below.

Sam Callahan

Created by Sam Callahan


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One piece of FUD that is very common to hear is advancements in quantum computing will eventually be able to break the underlying cryptography of Bitcoin. Because both quantum computing and Bitcoin are extremely complex topics, most people who believe this actually have no idea what they’re talking about.

To fix this problem, I compiled a list of resources here coming from people who actually do understand quantum computing and its impact (or lack thereof) on Bitcoin.

The Biggest Flipping Challenge in Quantum Computing
Adrian Cho on
11 minutes
A good overview of quantum computing and the difficulties scientists and engineers face today in the field.
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The Biggest Flipping Challenge in Quantum Computing

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Sam Callahan

Sam Callahan


Sam Callahan works at Swan Bitcoin in Client Services and Research. He is dedicated to educating people about Bitcoin and spends his time it writing, thinking, and attending meetups in order to help people understand this new, disruptive technology.

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Bitcoin & Quantum Computing

A Rabbit Hole by Sam Callahan

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