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The Best of Parker Lewis

In this rabbit hole, I chose my personal favorite pieces and podcasts featuring Parker, but I highly recommend checking out his entire catalog of work.

Sam Callahan

Created by Sam Callahan


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Parker Lewis is the Head of Business Development at Unchained Capital and a prolific educator and writer in the Bitcoin space. His series “Gradually, Then Suddenly” has helped orange pill many Bitcoiners over the years.

In that series, he debunks a lot of the common FUD while also providing a great framework of how Bitcoin will impact the world. Parker has a talent for distilling complex subjects in a way everyone can understand which makes him a great asset for the Bitcoin community.

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Unchained Capital
Parker Lewis on Unchained Capital
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If there is one piece to help you answer the question, “How did we get here?”, this might just be it. In this post, Parker masterfully explains QE and the history of the GFC. Where that whole story ends, Bitcoin begins.
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Sam Callahan

Sam Callahan


Sam Callahan works at Swan Bitcoin in Client Services and Research. He is dedicated to educating people about Bitcoin and spends his time it writing, thinking, and attending meetups in order to help people understand this new, disruptive technology.

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