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Swan Bitcoin 2023 Give Guide

We can all agree there is nothing greater than the gift of Bitcoin. This holiday season, please join the Swan family in the joy of giving (with a Bitcoin-centric twist).

Alex Davani
Alex Davani
Dec 12, 2023December 12, 202312 min read12 minutes read

Swan now employs 145+ diverse individuals worldwide who share a dedication to Bitcoin as a common thread, making this year’s crowdsourced holiday gift guide all the more fun to browse.

Below is our curated list — some practical and some playfully paying tribute to the vibrant Bitcoin community and culture.

Without further ado, we couldn’t be more excited to share our 2023 Swan Bitcoin Holiday Give Guide!

Drum roll, please…

For Your Closest Friends and Family, Cory’s Pick

Give Bitcoin

If you are pained by the fact that family and friends haven’t yet taken steps to educate themselves and invest in Bitcoin, consider piquing their interest by gifting them Bitcoin. 

Swan’s origin story is rooted in gifting. Give Bitcoin, a service allowing people to gift Bitcoin, was our very first product. We are happy to announce it is now live again, just in time for the holidays!

For the Walking Maximalists, Steven’s Pick

Feel Grounds Shoes

If your gift recipient is clocking in an average of 20K+ steps a day, look no further than these walking shoes endorsed by the walking maxi himself, Steven Lubka.

Most athletic footwear offers excessive support, and feet have fallen victim to insole dependency. These anatomically correct shoes enhance foot strength, stability, and comfort. 

Did the Romans wear inch thick-rubber insoles? No. And neither should your gift recipient.

For the Bitcoiner who Wants to Get Paid to Shower, Kaz’s Pick

Loki Kit

Home miners play a critical role in securing the Bitcoin network. Innovators like Zack Bomsta are leading the way in providing economically incentivized mining solutions for normies and Bitcoiners alike.

The Loki Kit tricks Bitmain X19 miners into hashing from any suitable DC power supply. This is the perfect gift for a Bitcoin mining enthusiast who loves tinkering with hardware.

Save 15% when you use discount code “BTCPay” and use the BTCPay payment option!

For the Cast Iron Maxi, Brandon’s Pick

Lodge Cast Iron

(*cough, cough — Saifedean won’t be happy about this suggestion. Curious to learn about his steel pan maxi ways? Listen in to this Blue Collar Bitcoin episode!)

Brandon is a self-proclaimed owner of at least 7-10 cast iron skillets. There is no chance you will catch him in the kitchen (or over a campfire) with a steel pan.

Anyway, one thing is for sure; Bitcoiners have immense appreciation for things that last. If you like your cookware the same way you like your investments — immutable — then we recommend checking out this affordable cast iron skillet.

** (Disclaimer: This isn’t a Bitcoin business.) 

For Those Who Prefer Experiences, Kristin’s Pick

Pacific Bitcoin 2024 Early Bird Tickets

The Pacific Bitcoin Festival spans two days and includes talks, workshops, music, sports, networking, and parties. Regardless of your gift recipient’s specific Bitcoin interests, there are a variety of activities guaranteed to entertain, educate, and inspire them throughout the week in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

For Parents Who Are Longing for Elevated Children’s Books, Brekkie’s Pick

Rhyming Bitcoin

If your gift recipient is a parent, they’ve likely read the 'Hungry Caterpillar' to the point they’re blue in the face. They surely would welcome switching it up with a Bitcoin book that resonates with them and their child.

'Rhyming Bitcoin' by Bitcoin artist and advocate himself, Brekkie von Bitcoin, aims to take readers of all ages on a journey of imagination, leaving them more hopeful and curious about Bitcoin. The book is illustrated by Chilean Bitcoin artist Florencia Montoya, with inspiration from Dr. Seuss and Alice in Wonderland.

For the Introvert, Neil’s Pick

Introverted But Willing To Discuss Bitcoin T-Shirt

If your gift recipient is shy on the outside but Bitcoin bullish on the inside, look no further than this 'Introverted But Willing To Discuss Bitcoin' T-shirt by Fomo21. 

For the Finance Bro Turned Bitcoiner, John’s Pick

Buy Bitcoin Artwork

Naturally, his first gift idea for the Finance Bro Turned Bitcoiner was a Bitcoin-themed Patagonia vest — to allow the finance bro to stay somewhat in tune with his former self. However, Bitcoin-themed Patagonia vests do not exist, and that is likely a good thing. 

Instead, he suggests you buy your reformed finance bro friend a monetary collectible! They can display it proudly and subtly spur conversations with others about their newfound interest in money and Bitcoin.

If you want them to be a little more explicit in displaying their passion for Bitcoin, you could go with this piece of art that displays the famous “Buy Bitcoin” sign held up behind Janet Yellen during a congressional hearing in 2017.

For the Bitcoin Couple, Moritz’s Pick

If Bitcoin is your gift recipient’s love language, the Jade hardware device is the key to their life-long financial partnership. 

The Swan Vault service ensures customers remain in full control of their Bitcoin via a 2-of-3 multisig setup. The customer securely holds two keys offline with two Blockstream Jade devices. Swan has a third key to assist with recovery if needed.

For the Baby Bitcoiner, Alex D’s Pick

My Dad Saves For My Future In Bitcoin (Piggy Bank) Infant One Piece

Start 'em young! “Time in the market rather than timing the market” is a powerful adage. 

If your gift recipient began stacking sats at age 0, they’d certainly rock this onesie with pride for their parent’s vision for a bright orange future!

For Literally Everyone , Nathan’s Pick

BitPLATES® Domino® One

Bitcoin private keys (seed words) are unique to a Bitcoin wallet signing device and allow access to, management of, and retrieval of Bitcoin stored on the blockchain.

Your gift recipient’s Private keys can be permanently preserved using BitPLATES® Domino® plates, ensuring access to their Bitcoin if their wallet is ever damaged, stolen, or tragically lost in a boating accident.

For the Bitcoiner Who Frequently Hosts Friends and Family, Tomer’s Pick

Why Bitcoin? Hardcover Premium Pearl Photo Paper

If your gift recipient loves to entertain at home, “Why Bitcoin?” is the only Bitcoin coffee table book out there. It is a fantastic gift choice and an ideal conversation starter!

Guests will pick up and skim through twenty-seven enlightening, short Bitcoin articles presented with full-color photos, potentially sparking an interest in Bitcoin. If they are new to the space, the question we all LOVE to hear, “What’s this Bitcoin thing about?” may soon follow.

Available in hard and soft cover at

Your gift recipient will appreciate the reminder that storing their seed words on paper isn’t ideal for preserving generational wealth. Paper is susceptible to water and fire damage; your dog could eat it.

Do you want to explain to your grandchildren why you lost their Bitcoin? No!

That’s exactly why you want to stamp your Bitcoin seed phrase on one of the strongest metals on planet Earth: Titanium!

Get your loved ones a Stamp Seed titanium Bitcoin seed phrase storage kit at

Use Promo Code: SIMPLY for 15% off.

For the Budding Bitcoin Evangelist, Vijay’s Pick

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

Has your gift recipient expressed interest in learning about Bitcoin? 

Gift them the most widely read and recommended introduction to Bitcoin book, The Bullish Case for Bitcoin!

Use Promo Code: SWAN23 for 30% off all books.

For the Bitcoiner Looking to Learn Sound Economic Thinking, Stephan’s Pick

How to Think about the Economy: A Primer

For those more conscientious Bitcoiners who want to understand the world sans fiat propaganda, it is essential to learn at least the basics of Austrian economics. This is the only school of economics that can explain Bitcoin. For years, we have all been bombarded with neo-classical, Keynesian, or MMT propaganda, and the fix is to understand economics without government bribes.

A great, short introductory read is Per Bylund’s How to Think About the Economy (free in PDF or $2 for the paperback version from the Mises Store). It’s also available on Amazon. Stephan was a supporter of this book and has even interviewed Per about it here on SLP416. The book is only 143 pages, but it packs a punch.

For the Privacy-Conscious Cypherpunk, P’s Pick

Flipper Cold Storage

Gift the Flipper Zero, the device that screams, 'I can hack my way into my own hotel room! ' Capable of interacting with various electronic systems, it’s perfect for security-focused enthusiasts. Just ensure they don’t start thinking they’re the next Edward Snowden.

Remember, hacking your own devices is fun; hacking into your Mom’s Wi-Fi because you live in her basement… even more so!

For the Bitcoiner Who Enjoys Friendly Competition, Camila’s Pick


Game Night enthusiasts now have the opportunity to orange-pill their family and friends in a fun way.

The Shamory Bitcoin Card game is for kids (age 4+) and adults. It is the perfect mixture of fun and education for anyone interested in learning about Bitcoin. 

Need a card game that will level things up for adults with no monsters involved?

Get Bitopoly

Bitopoly was created to introduce people to Bitcoin through a 2-5 player strategy card game where players compete and collaborate to stay alive. As reviews show, it is even a fun game for people who hate Bitcoin.

For the Work-from-home Bitcoiner, Jeremy’s Pick

The Yield Is The Friends We Made Along The Way Bitcoin T-Shirt

No risk of opsec issues in public when you are proof of working from home! Get your favorite Bitcoin merch at FOMO21 and remember that the yield is the friends we made along the way (h/t Allen Farrington).

FOMO21 Offer of 15% off when using the code SWANSANTA 

For the Bitcoiner Bringing the Physical Back to a World Gone Digital, Brady’s Pick

Bitcoin Trading Cards

Bitcoin Trading Cards makes educational, Bitcoin-themed trading cards featuring beautiful art by Bitcoiners. 

These cards are perfect for the Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and sports trading card lovers in your life. But they’re also great for anyone as a fun and easy alternative to books, essays, and podcasts, as each card features a snippet of education on topics related to Bitcoin and economics.  

For the Nomadic Bitcoiner, Zach’s Pick

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand

Help your gift recipient unlock the full potential of the borderless Bitcoin lifestyle with a Moft laptop stand — the feather-light solution for maintaining optimal posture while traveling the world. 

Whether they’re coding, catching up on the latest BIP, or scrolling through Bitcoin Twitter, this stand ensures comfort and style in every jurisdiction. 

Embrace true freedom, enhance your workspace, and get on the mission with Moft.

For the Art Loving Bitcoiner, Kelly’s Pick

Unique and Customer Bitcoin Artwork

Explore the unique allure of, a treasure trove designed specifically with Bitcoin enthusiasts in mind. 

Each item is crafted to resonate with the ethos of the Bitcoin community. For those who appreciate the finer details, the site features elegant Bitcoin-themed accessories and artwork, making it the ideal destination for finding that special, bBitcoin-centric gift. 

With, celebrate the holidays by embracing the revolutionary spirit of Bitcoin and sharing it with friends and family.

For the Golfer, Bob’s Pick

Commemorative Bitcoin Gold Coin

Every golfer needs a ball marker. Why not use a physical Bitcoin? It shines on the green and has enough weight to stay planted.

For the Bitcoiner Surfer, Jon Chenot’s Pick

Handcrafted Surfboards

Give the gift of a hand-crafted, custom-made Chenot surfboard from Santa Barbara, CA, by Matt Chenot. He accepts Bitcoin and will craft a remarkable piece of functional art for your loved one this holiday season!

Take it a step further and consider gifting them a game like this Mexican Train Domino’s Set. It is small enough for travel and by far the most fun group game to play on surf trips.

For the Low-Time Preference Appreciator, Ashley’s Pick

Limited Edition Bitcoin Watch

This timepiece is designed for sound money enthusiasts. Your Bitcoiner gift recipient can wear their passion on their wrist. 

Fun Fact: The case back includes detailed engraving of Bitcoin’s Genesis Block Hash, the very first Bitcoin block to be mined — the beginning of time for sound money.

And last but not least…

For YOU! Swan’s Pick

Bitcoin education is truly the gift that keeps on giving and is a foundation pillar in all that we do.

We are thrilled to gift you Yan Pritzker, Swan CTO’s book, Inventing Bitcoin, which provides a fantastic overview of how the Bitcoin system works.

Claim your free 'Inventing Bitcoin' eBook

Free Inventing Bitcoin Ebook

We hope our Swan Bitcoin Holiday Gift Guide will help make your holiday season a Bitcoin one to remember! 

There is so much to look forward to in the year ahead, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to further the Bitcoin mission with our passionate community of clients and friends.

Note: This blog post was not written to remain static. 

If you have a Bitcoin-friendly, Bitcoin-affiliated business you’d like to see in this Swanish Bitcoin Holiday Gift Guide, please list your company on BitList. You might see more Bitcoiners shopping for your products this holiday season! 

Alex Davani

Alex Davani

Alex, a member of the Swan Marketing team, is an entrepreneur at heart who somehow always finds herself in techy environments. The busy body that she is, led her to start a marketing agency as a side hustle while leading business development efforts for a data and analytics platform with major automotive brands and auto group clients.

During that time she also took up a more serious interest in Bitcoin, not crypto. After stumbling across Natalie Brunell’s first Coin Stories interviews, the first of its kind to really resonate with her as a female Bitcoiner, she reached out to Natalie and asked if she could help. The rest, as they say, is history!

Alex aligns herself with a “bright orange” lifestyle and is most hopeful about the promise Bitcoin will bring to future generations.

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