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Book reflection for Inventing Bitcoin
Inventing Bitcoin cover

Inventing Bitcoin

Swan Bitcoin cofounder and CTO Yan Pritzker’s book, Inventing Bitcoin, is the best introduction to how the Bitcoin system works.

Yan sells his book on Amazon but he gives it away to the Swan community for free as part of Swan’s commitment to Bitcoin education!

Or buy it on  or 
Yan Pritzker

Yan Pritzker

Yan Pritzker is the co-founder and CTO of Swan Bitcoin. Yan spent the last twenty years as a software developer and entrepreneur focusing on tech startups.

His most recent company, Reverb, was acquired by Etsy in 2019. Yan gives talks on Bitcoin related topics ranging from the importance of Bitcoin as a tool for freedom to the technical details of how Bitcoin works.

Yan Pritzker
Inventing Bitcoin cover
Or buy it on  or 

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