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Go Beyond Legacy Finance

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A Partner on Your Bitcoin Journey

Bitcoin is a new money in the making. It is fundamentally changing the world of finance and the global economy itself.

The Swan Private team helps high net worth individuals, family offices, businesses, and trusts understand Bitcoin and capture its significant upside.

Like Bitcoin, our time horizon is measured in years and decades, not days and quarters. Swan Private is closely aligned with your long-term goals.

HNW Individuals

Family Offices



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The Comprehensive Bitcoin Investment Platform

Concierge OTC Service

Transparent and guaranteed price quotes, executed on demand. Our team is always available to serve you.

Institutional-level Liquidity

We can facilitate orders of nearly any size, at any time. Working with us is simple, secure, and convenient.

Retirement Accounts

Secure your financial future with tax-advantaged Bitcoin in Traditional or Roth IRAs. Learn More

Recurring Buys

Optimize Bitcoin allocation strategy with predefined recurring buys.

Tax-loss Harvesting

Easily and accurately document the execution of sales and repurchases of Bitcoin to optimize your taxes.

Inheritance and Estate Planning

Securely integrate Bitcoin into estate, trust, and inheritance plans with our industry-leading onboarding times.

$2 Billion+

Bitcoin purchased into cold storage


Swan Private clients


Countries served

Expert Service, Strong Relationships

Our dedicated Bitcoin experts work tirelessly to build strong relationships with clients and understand the nuances of managing your wealth in a world transformed by Bitcoin.


24/7 Availability

Personalized Service

Confidential Relationships

About our team
Steven Lubka

Steven Lubka

Head of Swan Private

Steven has a depth of understanding of Bitcoin and the macroeconomic environment we’re facing. He brings curiosity and passion for solutions to our exchanges. I couldn’t be happier with the guidance he’s given my company and my personal wealth portfolio.


Ironclad Bitcoin Security and Custody

Enterprise-Grade Custody

Bitcoin bought through Swan is held securely by a qualified custodian in a trust account in your name. Your coins cannot be encumbered or rehypothecated.

Guided Self-Custody

The route to self-custody of portions or all of your bitcoin is supported by patient, professional, and experienced Bitcoin educators.

Bitcoin Insurance

Swan provides up to $250M of insurance for your Bitcoin, protecting you against loss, theft, and misuse in situations where we hold all keys.

Swan Account Guard

Enhance your security with Account Guard that requires a one-on-one video call with our team for any Bitcoin withdrawal.

Insights from Bitcoin’s Brightest Minds

Swan Private produces content to keep you updated and educated about Bitcoin and the broader financial world.

Ready to talk?

Let’s get the conversation started. We’re excited to learn more about how we can work together.

Exclusive Events

Swan hosts many in-person events that give you direct access to the most influential and knowledgeable people in Bitcoin.

Swan Salon Monthly

Swan Salon Monthly

Our monthly series of cocktail receptions for Swan Private clients in beautiful locations around Los Angeles featuring discussions with prominent Bitcoiners.

Swan Private Parties

Swan Private Parties

Swan Private hosts exclusive events for our clients around the globe. Network, enjoy, and celebrate with fellow Swan Private clients.

VIP Dinners

VIP Dinners

Intimate gatherings for Swan Private clients to break bread with one another and the Swan Private team.

Go beyond legacy finance.
Build your own legacy.

Own your future. Get started with Swan today.

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Swan Bitcoin does not provide any investment, financial, tax, legal or other professional advice. We recommend that you consult with financial and tax advisors to understand the risks and consequences of buying, selling and holding Bitcoin.

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