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Is Bitcoin Like the Dutch Tulip Bubble?

Posted 2/27/20 by Yan Pritzker

If you could use tulips to transmit value across the globe instantly to anyone in any country regard­less of whether they had a functioning govern­ment or banking system.

If the govern­ment couldn’t come to your door and take away your tulips or control who you could sell them to or in what ways.

If tulips could last for hundreds of years or millennia and be handed down to your children and then redeemed for other forms of value.

If you could hide tulips in your brain and walk out of a failing nation holding all your wealth in your head without anyone being the wiser.

If you could program tulips to require autho­riza­tion from multiple parties before they could be passed on in a way that was completely unbreak­able.

If it was impos­sible to grow inferior malnour­ished tulips by skimping on nutri­ents and sell them like the real deal.

If each tulip carried inscribed on its petals its entire unforge­able history of owner­ship.

If someone couldn’t invent a superior way to produce tulips and flood the market to crash the price.

Then yes, Bitcoin is just like Dutch tulip bubble.

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Yan Pritzker

Yan Pritzker is the co-founder and CTO of Swan Bitcoin, the best place to buy Bitcoin with easy recurring purchases straight from your bank account. Yan is also the author of Inventing Bitcoin, a quick guide to why Bitcoin was invented and how it works.[

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