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The Bitcoin Benefit Plan

Share the future of money with your team

The right benefit does wonders for employee morale and retention

A solid employee benefits package can help attract and retain talent. A unique benefit will differentiate your business from competitors.

Bitcoin is fascinating hundreds of millions of people all over the world

It’s growing faster than the Internet itself. Your team can join this global trend with our Bitcoin Benefit Plan. We’re sure they’ll be fascinated, too.

The Bitcoin Benefit Plan makes it easy to give your team Bitcoin

Swan will automatically deposit a set amount of Bitcoin into your team’s accounts every month.

With Swan’s Bitcoin Benefit Plan you and your team get so much more than just the Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Benefit Plan is a great value, with low fees, Swan’s incomparable service, world-class education, and our vibrant community, too.

Let’s get together to discuss giving a Bitcoin Benefit to your team


Own your future. Get started with Swan today.

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