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Theodore Lessman
Ten years ago, I first learned of Bitcoin. I had thought it would be interesting to buy some, or “mine” it with my gaming PC, but it seemed complicated.I never did. Every fourth year that passed, it came up in news, or conversation. I had thought to myself, “man, I should have just figured it out and got some”. Each time, there was an excuse. I never did. Since 2016, I have been following its rises and falls, gleaning more information about how this asset works. I had found that the infrastructure had been to in place to make acquiring it easy. In 2019, after careful research about tax implications, how to store it, and the state of our economy, I finally purchased 250,000 satoshis (.0025 BTC or $25) through CashApp. Each check I would make a small purchase or two: $10, $20, $25, occasionally 50. As COVID set in, and the halving approached, I increased the rate of acquisition in anticipation of a rise in price from its cyclical nature and stock to flow fluctuations. As the price indeed did climb, I continued making small purchases, sometimes when news broke of some political policy, or influencial person announced their support or stake in it. But mostly, I just would set aside a small amount from every check, that would serve as a store of value for a small portion of the fruits of my work. Swan let’s me automate this, so I can still purchase when I am inspired to, but I make sure that a small portion will always make it into my savings, with lower fees than impulse buying on CashApp. Start stacking sats with Swan, and you get $10 added to your account. In return, a portion of Swan’s fees get shared with me. Together, we can place the product of our work in an asset that has had an average yield of 100% per year, instead of the paltry 1-3% we see in traditional savings. It will be a bumpy ride, but you will be glad you finally came along, like I was.

Theodore Lessman

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Bitcoin, not “crypto”

Bitcoin, not “crypto”

Why Bitcoin?

Swan focuses on Bitcoin because we believe in its singular power to improve our world. Money is a critical foundation of a thriving society, and our money is broken. Bitcoin is better money to build a brighter future.

  • Decentralization Enables a financial system with no central authority
  • Store-of-value Provides a hedge against fiat inflation
  • Peer-to-peer Facilitates global transactions without intermediaries
  • Financial sovereignty Empowers people outside traditional systems
  • Transparency Transactions are publicly verifiable

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Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin 101

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Why and How Bitcoin Consumes Energy

Why and How Bitcoin Consumes Energy

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Epoch Five — Big League Bitcoin

Epoch Five — Big League Bitcoin

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