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Parts 1-9 of The Timechain Codex Now Available in PDF Format

A Graphic Novel by FractalEncrypt based on “Bitcoin Astronomy” by Dhruv Bansal.

Oct 7, 2022October 7, 20221 min read1 minute read
The Timechain Codex

The Timechain Codex

Swan Bitcoin is happy to make available to you in either pdf or cbz file, parts 1-9 of FractalEncrypt’s graphic novel, The Timechain Codex.

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The Timechain Codex is the first Bitcoin graphic novel illustrated entirely using Artificial Intelligence art.  “I like to think this novel is made the same way bitcoin is made, using computational processing, ” said Fractal Encrypt. It is based on Bitcoin Astronomy by Dhruv Bansal.

The entire nine-part series is being released gradually on Twitter, with the first part having been released on Friday, September 30th, 2022.  

The story imagines the long-term future of humanity following the discovery and adoption of Bitcoin and how it propels us upwards throughout the galaxy, and beyond.



Cypherpunk Artist infusing software, math, art, tech, and chemistry into biological interfaces.

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