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Swans at the Bitcoin 2023 Conference

Join your favorite Swans in Miami all week! You can use this page as a guide during the event and download as a PDF.

Steven Lubka

Managing Director and Head of Swan Private
Follow him @DzambhalaHODL

Rapha Zagury

Chief Investment Officer at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @alphaazeta

Ryan Flynn

Managing Director and Head of Swan Advisor
Follow him @pricestable

Alex Stanczyk

Managing Director of Swan Private
Follow him @alexstanczyk

Dante Cook

Managing Director and Head of Swan Business
Follow him @Dante_Cook1

Gaurav Gollerkeri

General Manager at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @ggollerk

Gui Gomes

President at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @GuiAmadoGomes

Terrence Yang

Managing Director of Swan Private
Follow him @TYonClubhouse

Jeremy Showalter

VP Product at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @jeremyshowalter

Camila Campton

Community Development Manager at Swan Bitcoin
Follow her @camilacampton

Jacob Pope

Media Producer at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @Producer_Jacob

Brady Swenson

Co-Founder of Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @CitizenBitcoin

Kristin Thompson

Head of Events at Swan Bitcoin
Follow her @SpeakServeGrow

Nico Moran

Director of Content Strategy at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @BITVOLT7

Jon Chenot

Special Operations at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @jonchenot

Fethi Erimcag

Director of Sales & Marketing Technology
Swan Bitcoin

Zach Coletta

Product Director at Swan Advisor Services
Follow him @twosilo

Dan Webb

Senior Software Engineer at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @hrtlndbitcoin


Head of Swan Media at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him at @phjlljp

Nathan Fast

Director of Partnerships at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @nathanfast

Sam Callahan

Lead Analyst at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @samcallah

Brandon Quittem

Head of Marketing at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @Bquittem

Nick Payton

Marketing Manager at Swan Bitcoin
Follow him @NickDPayton

Pacific Bitcoin 2024

We’re returning to the Barker Hanger during the Fall of 2024 in Los Angeles.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Early bird ticket discounts are limited and going fast.

Own your future. Get started with Swan today.

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