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The Swan App is the Best Way to Get Started Buying Bitcoin

Start buying Bitcoin in minutes with no fees to get started. Onboard your friends and family the moment they ask you how to get started.

Swan Bitcoin
Swan Bitcoin
Apr 10, 2024April 10, 20242 min read2 minutes read

Everywhere you go people are talking about Bitcoin. Many are recommending it to family members, friends, and coworkers. But when asked “How do I get started?” there may be hesitation, confusion, or complexity in giving an answer.

No more.

Start buying in about two minutes. No fees on first $10K.

Swan now makes the answer simple: “With the Swan app you can buy Bitcoin in about two minutes with no fees on your first $10,000 worth of Bitcoin.” That’s all it takes!

Eliminating the Obstacles to Getting Started

Quick and Easy

We built the fastest onboarding in the industry and made it FREE to get started.

It now takes just minutes from downloading the app to buying Bitcoin. Basic contact information, the last four digits of your SSN, and your bank routing and account numbers are essentially all that’s required to create an account and execute a Bitcoin buy.

No Fees

There’s no need to shop around for rates before getting started because Swan is not charging any fees on the first $10,000 worth of Bitcoin bought by new clients. Swan is also waiving all fees on the next $10,000 worth of Bitcoin bought by existing clients. 

Most Recommendable

Our mission is to get millions of people on Bitcoin, so we set out to eliminate any hesitations Bitcoiners had in recommending an app to get friends, family, and coworkers started

Bitcoiners love to recommend Bitcoin to people they care about and help them buy their first Bitcoin. We put together an experience they could confidently recommend to take anyone from zero to Bitcoin during a simple conversation. We truly believe we’ve built the most recommendable way to get someone started with Bitcoin.

Get started today — search “Swan Bitcoin” in the Google Play or the App Store.

Swan Bitcoin

Swan Bitcoin

Swan is a full service Bitcoin financial services company offering instant and recurring buys with no fees on your first $10k and free withdrawals, IRAs, services for businesses and high net worth individuals, assisted self-custody, and more. Start today and get $10 of free Bitcoin (offer available for US residents only).

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