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Swan Announces Four New Senior Hires in January 2023

Sheetal Ray joins as COO, Raphael Zagury as CIO and Head of Research, Gaurav Gollerkeri as GM of Swan Personal, and Guilherme Gomes as CRO.

Cory Klippsten
Cory Klippsten
Jan 16, 2023January 16, 20232 min read2 minutes read
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Swan Bitcoin proudly announced four new senior hires this month, to help lead the company’s continued growth through the current economic downturn.

The additions to our senior team set the foundation for the next stage of Swan’s growth. Swan began as an app focused on making long-term Bitcoin accumulation safe and easy. We are now emerging as a large and diversified Bitcoin financial services company. Gaurav, Guilherme, Raphael, and Sheetal bring the deep experience and expertise we need for Swan to keep building a world-class organization.

Cory Klippsten

Cory Klippsten

CEO at Swan Bitcoin

Sheetal Ray, Chief Operating Officer

Sheetal Ray joins as Swan’s new Chief Operating Officer. She brings over twenty years of growth experience in Fortune 500 companies and startups. Sheetal previously assisted at Sequoia, NEA, and a Goldman Sachs-funded SaaS company with preparations for an IPO. She also ran the financial operations of a $45B relief program aiming to fix damage from the 2008 Mortgage Crisis, and ran finance and accounting for an energy storage startup that is now a $3B public company.

Bitcoin is the only incorruptible money in existence today, and Swan is the company at the center of this space driving Bitcoin education and adoption. Can you imagine a world where your money doesn’t lose value every year? Incorruptible money will give humanity a chance at progress by truly leveling the playing field.

Sheetal Ray

Sheetal Ray

COO at Swan Bitcoin

Raphael Zagury, Chief Investment Officer

Raphael Zagury has been hired as Chief Investment Officer and Head of Research at Swan. He was formerly the co-founder and CFO of Open Co, a leading lending fintech in Brazil funded by Softbank and Goldman Sachs. Prior to Open Co, Raphael founded One Partners, an investment banking and wealth management company in Brazil. Raphael also previously held executive positions in the New York offices of Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Merrill Lynch, primarily focused on solutions for the ultra-high net worth market.

I’m excited to use my expertise in financial markets to help drive innovation and progress in the industry. As a passionate believer in the potential of Bitcoin to revolutionize the financial world, I’m eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to Swan. No company is better positioned right now. Swan is not only at the forefront of Bitcoin education but is also committed to high-principled growth and development within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Raphael Zagury

Raphael Zagury

CIO at Swan Bitcoin

Gaurav Gollerkeri, General Manager of Swan Personal

Long-time Silicon Valley payments expert and leader, Gaurav Gollerkeri, is now General Manager of Swan Personal, responsible for the growth of and the Swan App. Previously, Gaurav was GM of Payments at BlockFi, responsible for the launch of the world’s first Bitcoin rewards credit card, which paid out over 1,000 Bitcoin to 90,000 cardholders in its first year. Gaurav also spent more than a decade at Visa in leadership roles, including running the Visa Direct real-time payments business for North America.

I’m excited to be joining Swan because we are a team of Bitcoiners, building for Bitcoiners, and doing what is good for Bitcoin. We have a unique, once-in-a-generation opportunity to expand the adoption and usage of Bitcoin by individuals, businesses, and organizations, ushering in a bright orange future for everyone.

Gaurav Gollerkeri

Gaurav Gollerkeri

General Manager of Swan Personal

Guilherme Gomes, Chief Revenue Officer

Guilherme Gomes is now the Chief Revenue Officer at Swan. He brings over a decade of experience running strategy, business development, and growth initiatives for start-ups and large organizations. Most recently, he spent four years at Bridgewater Associates focused on market entry and business expansion in global wealth and insurance.

As an incorruptible form of money, Bitcoin will change the world as we know it. Although this breakthrough technology has been around for 14 years, we are still extremely early in the adoption cycle for Bitcoin. This is an inspiring mission, and I couldn’t be more excited to join the team and help to drive it forward.

Guilherme Gomes

Guilherme Gomes

CRO at Swan Bitcoin

Cory Klippsten

Cory Klippsten

Cory Klippsten is the CEO of Bitcoin financial services firm He is a partner in Bitcoiner Ventures and El Zonte Capital, serves as an advisor to The Bitcoin Venture Fund, and as an angel has funded more than 50 early stage tech companies. Before startups, Klippsten worked for Google, McKinsey, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley, and earned an MBA from the University of Chicago. He grew up in Seattle, split 15 years between NYC and Chicago, and now lives in LA with his wife and daughters. His hobbies include basketball, history and travel (Istanbul and Barcelona are favorites).

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