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Crypto Sam
I’m a 20+ year truck driver and bitcoin changed my life. No, I’m not filthy rich or hardly a tech savvy genius but my life has vastly improved because of a small seemingly insignificant $5 dollar a week BTC purchase I started in 2016. With a wife and 5 kids and a mountain of bills I noticed the investment potential of bitcoin, but –I couldn’t afford to chase rainbows. After accepting this “risky” venture, I figured loosing 5 bucks a week wouldn’t put us into bankruptcy. I called it an “experiment”. I had never invested in anything besides a 401k and so it seemed unwise to consider it as an investment but rather a way to dip my toes in without becoming embarrassingly wet. I set up an automatic weekly purchase and pretty much forgot about it until 4 years later. Mind you, if I had been devoting that small amount to a savings account I’d have just a bit over a thousand bucks. But this was bitcoin and I had way more than that now. So, did I hold on for dear life and ride the wave even higher? Perhaps I should have, but I did what I felt was the most sensible. I cashed out and paid off a large portion of debt. I also upped my weekly BTC purchase and quickly became able to pay off even more debt. A seemingly insignificant experiment became a major strategy for improving my financial condition. Bitcoin kept rising in value and seemed unstoppable. Was it time to go all in? For me, no. I’m just not an all or nothing person. Dollar cost averaging is what I prefer. I guess being a truck driver has always been suited to my “slow and steady wins the race” mindset. If you’re like me I encourage you to own a stake in your future and start an experiment like I did. Win with me. Right here right now with swan. Own your future — Sam

Crypto Sam

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Bitcoin, not “crypto”

Bitcoin, not “crypto”

Why Bitcoin?

Swan focuses on Bitcoin because we believe in its singular power to improve our world. Money is a critical foundation of a thriving society, and our money is broken. Bitcoin is better money to build a brighter future.

  • Decentralization Enables a financial system with no central authority
  • Store-of-value Provides a hedge against fiat inflation
  • Peer-to-peer Facilitates global transactions without intermediaries
  • Financial sovereignty Empowers people outside traditional systems
  • Transparency Transactions are publicly verifiable

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Bitcoin 101

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What Bitcoin ETFs Mean for You
What Bitcoin ETFs Mean for You

What Bitcoin ETFs Mean for You

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