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Guy Swann

Guy Swann

Podcaster, Advisor to Swan Bitcoin

Guy is a frequent guest on Bitcoin media shows such as Bitcoin Magazine, Crypto Cousins, Bitcoin Rapidfire, and Citizen Bitcoin.

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Guy Swann is host of the Bitcoin Audible podcast featured in Forbes Magazine’s Top Crypto Podcasts of 2020, and CEO of One Eleven Productions. He found himself engrossed in the economic experiment and technological breakthrough of Bitcoin in 2011, and hasn’t been able to pull himself away since. He has a background in networking and system administration, film & media production, and is an avid student of economics. He’s literally read thousands of hours of works on the many disciplines around Bitcoin and has listened to even more. He’s “read more about Bitcoin than anyone else you know!”

Guy is easy going and fun, priding himself on making sense of complex ideas in conversation. He can discuss a broad range of topics including:

  • The equity, economics, and history of money
  • Understanding the system of Bitcoin as well as the rich pre-history that led to its creation
  • Game theory, network effects, and the nature of decentralization
  • The incalculable changes occurring as we transition into the Digital Age
  • The philosophy of Liberty and how to be a principled person
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The right to sound money is the right to property and the fruits of your labor.

Money is something that we own, not something that someone allows us to own. But that Bitcoin is a fundamental right, and that’s what this is about. This is about having the right to refuse to use a corrupt, bloated, imbalanced, bad money.

If you can’t verify the honesty of your money, then being able to transact really fast in that money is of no consequence.

You have no security in your money if you do not verify the banking system.

You want everyone in the world to be sovereign and know their money is secure.

Trust is breaking down at an unprecedented rate. We are rapidly moving from an era where we have blindly trusted all institutions to do the right thing to an era where we realize the entire system has never been trustworthy, that all the way down to the foundation, it’s a scam

Bitcoin is decentralized, independent, sound money that can be secured against any adversary.

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