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Swan is Supporting the Mining Disrupt Conference

Join us on July 25-27, 2023 in Miami for the World’s Largest Bitcoin B2B & Bitcoin Mining Conference & Expo!

Jul 19, 2023July 19, 20232 min read2 minutes read

Swan is pleased to support this year’s Mining Disrupt Conference.  

Mining Disrupt is the largest Bitcoin mining conference and expo in the world. It is taking place this year at the Miami Airport Convention Center from July 25th to the 27th. Now in its fifth year, the conference boasts over half a million square feet of exhibition space, more than one hundred exhibitors, dozens of speakers and discussion panels, a pre-party, an after-party, an art gallery, and more.  

The keynotes and panels will cover virtually every important topic in Bitcoin mining, from the latest technological advances to environmental discussions, political developments, and the implications of the upcoming halving. 

Swan’s Steven Lubka will be there. 

The full list of speakers, topics, and side events can be found at the Mining Disrupt site.

If you’re interested in mining, you’ll want to be there. Get your ticket here.

Swan supports the Bitcoin Mining industry in a variety of ways.  

Through our media outlets and events, which include Swan SignalCafe Bitcoinour blogYouTubeTwitterPacific Bitcoin, and more, we provide news and education from our analysts and experts about the workings and importance of Bitcoin mining. 

These channels also provide many companies in the Bitcoin mining industry with a platform to communicate their latest developments, strategies, and other topics of interest to Bitcoiners in general. 

Swan also supports organizations that provide political and academic research and advocacy for the Bitcoin mining industry, like The Bitcoin Policy Institute.

Keep an eye on Swan’s Twitter account for the latest news about and from the conference. 


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