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2021: the year people either hopped on the train or didn’t. I’ve made a modest sum since November. I regret not being one of the computer kids doing this in 2015 when price was on the decline. BTC is the future of human currency. Don’t just listen to the acclaim from liar CEOs like J.P morgan, go listen to Max Keiser for and hour. This is the platform he advocates and I can see why (check sharing pros). Predictions are ambitious companies and countries (like PayPal) will start changing all transactions into BTC, or provide varrying transfer rates/mining contracts for when the gets involved to try and control the limited supply (currently mined commercially in Iran and China). Fiate money is financed falsely and bandaged poorly in war contracts, taxes, and printed money. tha gold standard is gone. 1mil BTC not impossible 10 years from now.


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Bitcoin, not “crypto”

Bitcoin, not “crypto”

Why Bitcoin?

Swan focuses on Bitcoin because we believe in it’s singular power to improve our world. Money is a critical foundation of a thriving society, and our money is broken. Bitcoin is better money to build a brighter future.

  • Decentralization Enables a financial system with no central authority
  • Store-of-value Provides a hedge against fiat inflation
  • Peer-to-peer Facilitates global transactions without intermediaries
  • Financial sovereignty Empowers people outside traditional systems
  • Transparency Transactions are publicly verifiable

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Bitcoin 101
Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin 101

Cory Klippsten

If you are new to Bitcoin, this is the perfect rabbit hole for you! Learn the Bitcoin basics including what Bitcoin is, how it works, and why it’s important. Learn about the history of money and why some common…

Bitcoin: A Digital Benchmark For Tracking Fiat Debasement
Bitcoin: A Digital Benchmark For Tracking Fiat Debasement

Bitcoin: A Digital Benchmark For Tracking Fiat Debasement

Sam Callahan

As economies around the globe grapple with the fragility of their currencies, the rising adoption of Bitcoin signals a collective move towards the hardest money man has ever known.

Why and How Bitcoin Consumes Energy
Why and How Bitcoin Consumes Energy

Why and How Bitcoin Consumes Energy

Lyn Alden

Bitcoin uses a proof-of-work protocol to operate the network, which means that miners expend real-world resources (electricity) in order to validate transactions and secure the blockchain. Rather than being a bug, this…

Yours Truly, Bitcoin
Yours Truly, Bitcoin

Yours Truly, Bitcoin

Tomer Strolight

I do hope this letter has helped to bridge the understanding between you and me.

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