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Chirag Patel
Thanks for checking out Swan! It’s by far the easiest and most affordable way to accumulate Bitcoin with automatic recurring purchases. Just set it and forget it! Although, Bitcoin appreciates in value a lot over the years, its prices are volatile and often goes up and down. With Swan’s weekly or monthly investments you can do Dollar-cost averaging (buy more when prices are low, buy less when prices are high) that will increase your accumulation and returns. If you believe that the value of Bitcoin will go up as a world’s reserve currency, then it’s a best way to systematically keep investing whether it’s a bear market or bull market. Swan also allows moving your Coins back to your software or hardware wallet every time you have more than the limit you specify. Start your plan today and get $10 of free Bitcoin dropped into your account.

Chirag Patel

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Chirag Patel welcomes you to Swan! You will get $ 10 of Bitcoin when you sign up.

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Easy Instant Buys

Buy Bitcoin instantly with your bank account or bank wires for purchases up to $10 million.

Easy Recurring Purchases

Invest regularly. Set an amount, choose daily, weekly or monthly, and we do the rest.

Low Fees

Our 0.99% fee is up to 80% lower than Coinbase.

Free Withdrawals

Withdraw Bitcoin to self-custody for free.

The Swan app is the best way to buy, learn, and earn Bitcoin.

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Recurring buys

Build Your Stack

Steadily convert your dollars into Bitcoin.

Over the last 
 years, saving
 in Bitcoin every week
has turned $13,050 into $27,992.
Bitcoin, not “crypto”

Bitcoin, not “crypto”

Why Bitcoin?

Swan focuses on Bitcoin because we believe in it’s singular power to improve our world. Money is a critical foundation of a thriving society, and our money is broken. Bitcoin is better money to build a brighter future.

  • Decentralization Enables a financial system with no central authority
  • Store-of-value Provides a hedge against fiat inflation
  • Peer-to-peer Facilitates global transactions without intermediaries
  • Financial sovereignty Empowers people outside traditional systems
  • Transparency Transactions are publicly verifiable

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Learn About Bitcoin

Media to keep you updated about Bitcoin and the financial world.

Bitcoin 101
Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin 101

Cory Klippsten

If you are new to Bitcoin, this is the perfect rabbit hole for you! Learn the Bitcoin basics including what Bitcoin is, how it works, and why it’s important. Learn about the history of money and why some common…

Bitcoin: A Buoy in the Waves of Inflation
Bitcoin: A Buoy in the Waves of Inflation

Bitcoin: A Buoy in the Waves of Inflation

Sam Callahan

As uncertainty remains the status quo in the traditional financial system, Bitcoin’s system remains predictable and reliable.

Why and How Bitcoin Consumes Energy
Why and How Bitcoin Consumes Energy

Why and How Bitcoin Consumes Energy

Lyn Alden

Bitcoin uses a proof-of-work protocol to operate the network, which means that miners expend real-world resources (electricity) in order to validate transactions and secure the blockchain. Rather than being a bug, this…

2023 Is a Ripe Environment for Central Bank Failure
2023 Is a Ripe Environment for Central Bank Failure

2023 Is a Ripe Environment for Central Bank Failure

Sam Callahan

The history of the Bank of Amsterdam underscores the vital role trust plays within the monetary system today. As more individuals choose Bitcoin over traditional fiat currencies, its adoption and significance will grow.

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