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Why Bitcoin is What Millennials Are Looking For

Bitcoin is the system that can make millennials' hopes and dreams come true, and this is becoming increasingly clear to more of them each day.

Tomer Strolight
Tomer Strolight
Jan 22, 2022January 22, 20228 min read8 minutes read

Millennials Have Been Given a Bad Rap

Millen­nials have it bad.

First, through the misfor­tune of being born last into a monetary system that is a pyramid-Ponzi scheme, they’re the ones who most get burned as it comes crumbling down all around us. They are born into huge debt, forced to pay into social programs where others receive services that they never will, they must pay sky-high prices for homes, and they are forced to pay ridicu­lous prices for degrees whose under­lying knowl­edge can be learned for free by watching YouTube videos. It’s outra­geous, and they’ve had to deal with it their whole lives!

This disad­van­tage is deeply unfair.

On top of all this injus­tice, they get labeled as bad employees — “the worst gener­a­tion to have work for you.” And why are they slapped with this label? Appar­ently it is because millen­nials aren’t as loyal to compa­nies as previous gener­a­tions were. 

Appar­ently according to the surveys, millen­nials care more about finding a greater purpose than a company’s success. 

This, too, is a very unfair conclu­sion. How exactly does pursuing a higher purpose than profit make you “the worst gener­a­tion”

Doesn’t that, frankly, sound better?

And yet, despite being treated like shit, millen­nials have not given up on finding a purpose.

What an unfair and ridicu­lous inver­sion this is by those who came before the millen­nials — instead of taking respon­si­bility for the huge problems they created, these irrespon­sible gener­a­tions blame the gener­a­tion that was born into them. 

These irrespon­sible gener­a­tions are, in fact, the ones that haven’t been good stewards of our civiliza­tion. As business leaders, they pay lip service to social issues while hypocrit­i­cally indulging in the very things that worsen them. They even concoct fake issues to draw people into their 'solutions' of them, from which they profit.

And, as polit­ical leaders, they manip­u­late emotions through exagger­a­tions and lies, with the only purpose of their actions being to satisfy their power lust. Frankly, they wouldn’t recog­nize a higher purpose if it came up and punched them in the face.

So what are millen­nials to do? 

Are they trapped in a collapsing civiliza­tion, made to unfairly bear the brunt of the laziness, gluttony, dishon­esty, and sloppi­ness of previous gener­a­tions? Is there any hope for them? 

Bitcoin is the Entity with the Bigger Purpose

Bitcoin may be just the thing that the millen­nial spirit seeking a higher purpose is looking for. It could be the thing they want. It could be the thing they need.

Bitcoin is not a company, and it’s not a govern­ment. It has no leaders. It has no rulers. It is open to all. It is fair. And It has a very lofty purpose.

Bitcoin has no share­holders, so unlike today’s insatiable compa­nies, the purpose of Bitcoin is not to maximize share­holder value at all, let alone at the expense of every­thing else. 

Bitcoin has no leaders, so nobody can change the game’s rules to suit either themselves, the rich, or the powerful at the expense of others. 

Bitcoin does not require you to have a degree costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of your life. It treats everyone equally.

Bitcoin is not an indebted and insol­vent system. It does not hoist debt upon anyone, let alone those who weren’t even born when debts were entered into.

Bitcoin isn’t trying to unfairly justify past mistakes or evil-doing by blaming anyone, so it doesn’t unjustly judge the innocent as lazy or disloyal.

Bitcoin isn’t trying to get elected, so it doesn’t make false polit­ical promises.

Bitcoin isn’t trying to seize power, so it doesn’t advocate violence and property seizure against some group that stands in the way of power.

Bitcoin has a higher purpose than any corpo­ra­tion or polit­ical party. Bitcoin’s purpose is to give something very special to humanity — to everyone, not just those who have already been alive for a long time, and not just those who are young even, but also to those not yet born. It aims to provide them all with something fair and very badly needed. 

Bitcoin aims to give all people the ability to trade the best they have to give in exchange for a reliable promise that will not be broken. That thing they trade their best efforts for is a promise that they will get someone else’s best efforts in the future. 

This is what fair money is — a promise to get something of equal value to what you gave, at a later time and in a different place. And this is what Bitcoin aims to be — fair money — a system where when you give your best, you receive something in exchange which you can later give to someone to get the best they can give. And the reason they’ll accept this is because it is a promise that theytoo, can later use to get the best that someone else can give to them. And so on.

Bitcoin’s promise is fairness. And man, oh man, is that something that millen­nials badly need. 

Consider how unfair our current system is and how Bitcoin avoids that unfairness:

Everyone born today instantly owes their unfair share of the money spent by previous gener­a­tions — in America, this is over $80,000 per newborn. But they don’t owe anybody any Bitcoin. 

Dollars themselves are unfairly conjured up out of nowhere by banks to inflate the prices of homes and educa­tions through loans — either putting these things out of the reach of millen­nials or forcing them to enter into a lifetime of debt payments. However, all the banks in the world cannot conjure up a single Bitcoin. 

Politi­cians unfairly borrow money to buy votes — money they never repay — leaving the burden to younger gener­a­tions. But no politician’s pen can make any more bitcoins or cause anyone to lend any to him.

Millennials Have a Lot in Common with Bitcoin

Just as millen­nials get unfairly criti­cized, so too does Bitcoin. 

First, money itself gets an unfair charac­ter­i­za­tion: 

“Money is the root of all evil” is one of those big lies. It’s so big — “the root of all evil” — that when you hear it, you think, “Well, even if it’s only a little bit true, then money is still the root of some evil.” But that’s not what money is. Money is just a way of getting something of value for doing something of value. How is that evil? If anything, it’s fair.

Next, Bitcoin also gets slandered. Whether it is claimed that it is used by crimi­nals (as if the US dollar isn’t the main goal of crimi­nals), that it harms the environ­ment (which it actually benefits), or some other lie, Bitcoin is caught up in the same false blame-game as millen­nials are. It seeks to pursue a higher purpose and is unfairly criti­cized by those who created and benefited from the problems it aims to solve.

But lies are eventu­ally caught out. 

The truth rises to the surface. The virtuous rise above the vicious. And all the screaming and fear-mongering by those seeking something for nothing eventu­ally finds itself ignored and discred­ited. And that’s where all the bullshit that falsely blames millen­nials and Bitcoin is headed. 

Bitcoin is a partner­ship with people seeking truth and fairness — across the whole planet — to insti­tute fairness throughout the global economy. It is a system restoring fairness to money itself, which is the medium used in every single economic exchange in the world! 

For millennials that understand how table is tilted and rigged, investing in a Bitcoin IRA product is one of the best ways to get Bitcoin exposure. Every dollar to Sat conversion is one step closer in the Race to Avoid the War and Winning Time for Bitcoiners.

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Many, if not most, millen­nials have little interest in becoming winners in the unfair system rigged against them in the first place. They don’t want or need to get lousy, unfair treat­ment from others. 

Instead, their interest lies in replacing that unfair system with a fair one: a system in which they and everyone else will be treated fairly; where they will all be able to create, grow, and develop; where they will be rewarded fairly for giving their very best; and, where they will be able to receive the very best from others.

Bitcoin is the system that can make millen­nials’ hopes and dreams come true, and this is becoming increas­ingly clear to more of them each day.

Tomer Strolight

Tomer Strolight

Tomer Strolight is Editor-in-Chief at Swan Bitcoin. He completed bachelors and masters degrees at Toronto’s Schulich School of Business. Tomer spent 25 years operating businesses in digital media and private equity before turning his attention full time to Bitcoin. Tomer wrote the book “Why Bitcoin?” a collection of 27 short articles each explaining a different facet of this revolutionary new monetary system. Tomer also wrote and narrated the short film “Bitcoin Is Generational Wealth”. He has appeared on many Bitcoin podcasts including What Bitcoin Did, The Stephan Livera Podcast, Bitcoin Rapid Fire, Twice Bitten, the Bitcoin Matrix and many more.

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