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Swan Support: Best Ways to Contact Swan Bitcoin Support in 2024

Swan Support is the best in the industry for Bitcoin customer service. We are here for all your inquiries and issues. Learn the best ways to contact Swan Support in 2024 below!

Feb 28, 2024February 28, 20244 min read4 minutes read

Best way to reach Swan Support

The best way to quickly reach a Swan Support team member is by Submitting a Help Request online. Swan Support actively monitors and responds to requests within one business day.

Best Ways to Contact Swan Support

For fastest service please submit a help request ticket.

We offer limited phone support during business hours, you can read more here.

Our official social media channels are X, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn, and Instagram. (Please note we can only answer questions and help requests through the help request ticket link above.)

For Bitcoin news, shows, memes, & culture follow us @Swan.

Swan Support Account Basics

Sometimes, buying and selling Bitcoin can be very confusing. Our Swan Support team is here to help you with any buying and selling issues.

Swan Bitcoin is active on multiple social media platforms.

Recent Swan Support customer reviews

Swan maintains an excellent 4.5 rating on Trustpilot with +1k reviews. Swan Support regularly receives very positive feedback from customers.

Swan Trustpilot Rating


Recent Swan Customer Reviews

The Bitcoin Benefit Plan makes it easy to recruit, reward, and retain top talent with Bitcoin. We handle all the heavy lifting, like creating wallets, converting currency, and routing payments.

Swan Support is always available to help with: 

  • Wallet setup

  • Currency conversion

  • Payment routing

  • … more!

Swan Support in the event of an outage

If Swan is having an outage, or if Swan Support is unavailable:

Please visit this page to stay up-to-date regarding an outage that Swan Bitcoin or Swan Support may be experiencing.

Outage or not, you can always visit our FAQ page for more information.

We also have many helpful step-by-step video explanations about how to Buy Bitcoin and solve any wallet or service problems you may be experiencing.

If you can’t resolve your problem, please submit a request here anytime

Swan offers limited phone support between the hours of 8 — 3 CT, M — F. We can be reached at 1 (218) 379-7926. If an agent does not pick up your call, please leave a detailed message. If required our agents will phone you back, or email you depending on if the question can be answered in writing. 

Swan is a leading Bitcoin financial services company with more than 120,000 clients and 170 employees, operating globally. Established in 2019, Swan helps individuals and institutions to understand and invest in Bitcoin. The Swan app simplifies Bitcoin purchases with instant and recurring buys. Swan IRA provides a tax-advantaged solution for saving Bitcoin in retirement accounts.

For HNWIs and businesses, Swan Private provides white-glove service for large purchases, treasury solutions, and employee Bitcoin benefits. With Swan Vault, clients can easily custody their own Bitcoin with peace of mind. Financial advisors trust Swan Advisor for client Bitcoin allocations, backed by world-class custody and educational content.

Swan Managed Mining provides clients with fully segregated and dedicated mining operations, catering to their unique requirements, opportunities, and strategic advantages. Swan prides itself on exceptional client service, making Bitcoin accessible to all. For more information, please visit

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