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Swan and Specter Integration Announcement

Specter is an ideal desktop wallet for Swan users. The purpose is to give customers a seamless stacking experience into their Bitcoin wallets, especially into their multi-sig cold storage.

Nick Payton
Nick Payton
Mar 16, 2022March 16, 20222 min read2 minutes read

At Swan we are working to integrate our buy Bitcoin API experience in as many other apps as possible. We recently partnered with Specter’s Bitcoin wallet software that connects to your Bitcoin Core node. Specter now also connects to Swan for native Bitcoin purchasing services. Here’s what the CEO of Specter said:

At Specter, we share and support the mission of Swan Bitcoin to build an intransigent minority of Bitcoiners who hold their own keys.

With this integration, the Specter desktop wallet will allow the user to hold their own keys offline and have the ability to use USB-connected devices or air-gapped QR code-based hardware wallets. Specter will also make it very easy to create and manage multi-sig wallets for cold storage or shared funds in collaborative custody. This supports the mission of Swan Bitcoin to move forward urgently on decentralized ownership through self-custody.

Specter Desktop only connects to Bitcoin core and no electrum server, thus by default puts the user in a position to verify the transaction on their own node. This allows the user to better protect their privacy by using their own wallet infrastructure and not the backend of hardware wallet companies like Ledger and Trezor for transaction management and broadcasting.

With Specter Desktop the user is holding their keys offline. They can use most USB connect devices and air-gapped QR code Bitcoin hardware wallets. Our software will also make it very easy to create and manage multi-sign wallets for cold storage or shared funds in a collaborative custody.

The Bitcoin community likes to preach self custody and holding your own private keys. This integration between Swan and Specter will allow you to become a truly sovereign individual:

  • Your Node, Your Verification

  • Your Wallet Infrastructure, Your Privacy

  • Your Keys, Your Bitcoin

The integration process from Swan withdrawal to Specter Desktop will be seamless:

  • The user signs into their Swan Account through Specter Desktop

  • Specter Desktop sends 10 unused dedicated Bitcoin addresses to Swan backend

Holding your private keys is the only true ownership of Bitcoin. The recent developments in Canada show again that the traditional fiat financial system is prone to censorship and can be used to lock people out of their accounts. With a wallet solution like Specter Desktop the user can be sure that they hold the keys to their own wallet infrastructure. 

We are excited to work with Specter, one of the leading solutions for secure Bitcoin cold storage with multi-sig technology. Now you can stack directly from Swan into your cold storage Specter setup!

This partnership is another tool from Powered by Swan which enables partners to quickly integrate Swan’s Bitcoin services. Our mission is to create 10 million new Bitcoiners through fast, easy onboarding and world-class education and client service. We’re proud to work with our partners toward reaching this goal.

Nick Payton

Nick Payton

Nick Payton is the Director of Marketing at Swan Bitcoin. He has operated his own consulting agency for over 10 years with a focus on digital campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. Nick’s analysis is shared across social media and native content on He is focused on educating people on the benefits of adopting Bitcoin.

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