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Bitcoin is For Everyone

We serve HNWI clients wishing to purchase Bitcoin. Even more importantly, we help great-grandmas, college students, veterans, and fast food workers buy their first Bitcoin and begin saving for their future.

Reed Wommack
Reed Wommack
Nov 2, 2020November 2, 20203 min read3 minutes read

Swan Bitcoin prides itself on giving small customers a fair deal. Our minimum purchase is only $10 per month, and our fees for the smallest plans are only 1.99%. 

Many exchanges have minimum purchase sizes of $100, charge five times higher fees for small buys, or only allow customers to wire money into the exchange, which costs $10 to begin with! 

Swan’s goal is to create 10 million new Bitcoiners in the US and a big part of that is making Bitcoin acces­sible to every American. We want to make it as easy and afford­able as possible to set up a recurring Bitcoin buy plan with Swan, no matter how much money you have or make. 

We serve clients wishing to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars of Bitcoin, but even more impor­tantly, we help great-grandmas, college students, veterans, and fast-food workers buy their first Bitcoin and begin saving for their future. In our view, Bitcoin changes people for the better, so the more people who own and self-custody Bitcoin, the more indepen­dent, resilient, and forward-thinking our society will become.

We would prefer ten million customers each buying a hundred dollars of Bitcoin per week than a hundred customers each buying ten million dollars per week. 

Although Swan would earn similar fees from both situa­tions, having ten million Bitcoiners with skin-in-the-game would more profoundly improve our culture and society. And I say this as the Head of Customer Support, whose job would become much easier if we only had one hundred wealthy customers!

For us, it’s much more impor­tant to have people learning about Bitcoin than it is to squeeze more from our customers. Of course, you should save a little bit more Bitcoin for your kids and grand­kids. Of course, you should delay purchasing a fancy new gadget and buy Bitcoin instead. But even more impor­tantly, you should reach out to your neigh­bors and friends and get them to start buying a little bit of Bitcoin. 

In fact, if you sign up for Swan Force, our referral program, at, you can give your neigh­bors a free $10 of Bitcoin to get them started, and every $10 count.

I’ll just as gladly get on the phone to answer questions that help a minimum wage earner put a piece of their paycheck into Bitcoin as I would be to help a million­aire do the same. If you’re concerned that you don’t have enough money to invest in Bitcoin, call us at (218) 379‑7926, and I’ll be glad to listen.

Reed Wommack

Reed Wommack

Reed Wommack is the Head of Client Services at Swan Bitcoin. Reed heads Swan Bitcoin’s Customer Support. So if you ever run into issues with any Swan products, feel free to DM Reed on Twitter.

You can find him on Twitter here:

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