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Bitcoin is Generational Wealth

“Bitcoin is Generational Wealth” is a short film exploring Bitcoin’s potential across generations.

Tomer Strolight
Tomer Strolight
Nov 2, 2021November 2, 20212 min read2 minutes read

Throughout recorded history, cycles of "rise and fall" repeat — both of civilizations themselves and of what they use for money. We are experiencing another fall now.

However, something unprecedented has occurred — the invention of money that is incorruptible, indestructible, and infallible: "un-fallible." It is money that can support on its shoulders a civilization that will also be un-fallible.

Bitcoin offers an incentive for cooperation on a global scale. The enabling of digital private property rights for everyone on Earth is an incredible leap forward in creating a safer world.

The world’s citizens now have a reliable network upon which to coordinate their lives, as opposed to the chaos of fiat monetary manipulation.

The unprecedented freedom created by Bitcoin is a revolutionary change that will be felt beyond our time. With the prospect of preserving capital forever, new possibilities can be imagined and their potential made into reality over multiple generations.

That is what this film aims to impress upon viewers: replacing these cycles with everlasting, productive peace.

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Tomer Strolight

Tomer Strolight

Tomer Strolight is Editor-in-Chief at Swan Bitcoin. He completed bachelors and masters degrees at Toronto’s Schulich School of Business. Tomer spent 25 years operating businesses in digital media and private equity before turning his attention full time to Bitcoin. Tomer wrote the book “Why Bitcoin?” a collection of 27 short articles each explaining a different facet of this revolutionary new monetary system. Tomer also wrote and narrated the short film “Bitcoin Is Generational Wealth”. He has appeared on many Bitcoin podcasts including What Bitcoin Did, The Stephan Livera Podcast, Bitcoin Rapid Fire, Twice Bitten, the Bitcoin Matrix and many more.

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