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Swan Signal Monthly: September 2020 Newsletter

Swan Signal Monthly: September 2020 Newsletter

Posted 10/8/20 by Brady Swenson

Welcome to the September 2020 edition of the Swan Signal monthly newsletter. In this month’s letter:

  • Liftoff: a short essay on an impor­tant topic
  • A curated list of recent Bitcoin content
  • Behind the scenes updates from the Swan team
  • Free Bitcoin book (Inventing Bitcoin by Yan Pritzker).

Liftoff: Automatic Recurring Bitcoin Buys is the Best Strategy

What’s the best way to invest in Bitcoin? Some people see price volatility and think the best move is to actively trade BTC. However, the vast majority of traders lose money. Instead, automatic recur­ring Bitcoin purchases are the best approach for 99% of people. 

Time in the market beats timing the market.

Humans are naturally bad at investing — our instinct is to buy when the price is rising (greed) and sell when the price is falling (fear). This makes timing the best moment to buy bitcoin nearly impos­sible. Luckily, we don’t need to time the market. Regular recur­ring purchases outper­form active trading on a risk-adjusted basis.

Intro­ducing Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA)

Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) is a strategy to overcome our emotions of fear and greed.  With the DCA strategy, you buy a speci­fied amount of Bitcoin regularly. Compared to trading, DCA smooths out the price volatility, reduces your tax burden, and removes the headache of trying to time the market. Dollar-Cost-Averaging Bitcoin has been very lucra­tive. For example, if you bought $100 worth of BTC every week for 3 years, you would be up over 47%. Just holding Bitcoin has produced incred­ible compounding returns…

Swan makes investing in Bitcoin safe, easy, and automated

Here at Swan, we take DCA one step further and automate the entire process. All you have to do is set up your Swan Bitcoin recur­ring purchase plan (e.g. $100/week) and we take care of the rest. We automat­i­cally pull USD from your bank account, automat­i­cally buy Bitcoin, and you can automat­i­cally withdraw your Bitcoin (optional). Would you rather stare at price charts all day or simply set up an automatic recur­ring plan once and be done with it? We have thousands of customers who love our “set it and forget it” approach to investing in Bitcoin.As a Swan customer, we appre­ciate your business. You can increase your plan or setup auto-withdrawal anytime. Just head over to your dashboard

We’ve pulled together some great Bitcoin content from around the web for you…

Bitcoin Content Showcase

Michael Saylor on Stephan Livera Podcast
Saylor explains why his public company (MicroS­trategy) just bought $450m worth of BTC. Saylor went from clueless to raging Bitcoin bull in a few short months. 

A Century of Fiscal and Monetary Policy by Lyn Alden
Lyn Alden is one of the most clear-thinking macro analysts of our time. She takes a historic approach to the question “Is infla­tion or defla­tion coming?

Jim Cramer becomes a Bitcoin Bull on the Pomp Podcast
Pomp convinces Jim Cramer (CNBC Mad Money Host) to start buying bitcoin in under an hour. Not to mention, Jim Cramer has a fasci­nating backstory.

Bitcoin Tidbit: What Does “Buy the Dip” Mean? 
“Buying the dip” refers to purchasing an asset after it has declined in price. The idea is that you get a good deal when the price temporarily declines. Histor­i­cally, the Bitcoin price has been trending upward since its incep­tion in 2009. The belief that the Bitcoin price will continue to rise has led the Bitcoin commu­nity to fully embrace “buying the dip.” At Swan, we offer automatic bitcoin buys every week/month (and soon daily) so you’re guaran­teed to “buy the dip.”

Luke Gromen on What Bitcoin Did Podcast
Under­stand the current macro­eco­nomic climate, how the existing finan­cial system is coming to an end, and why we need Bitcoin.

Bob McElrath on Orange Orange Pill Podcast
Learn about Bitcoin mining, energy consump­tion, hash rate, and quantum computing from a theoret­ical physi­cist and bitcoin entrepreneur. 

Highlights from Swan’s Content

Swan is dedicated to producing great content to educate and raise aware­ness about Bitcoin. Our blog, Swan Signal, features thoughts and opinions on Bitcoin from the Swan team and industry experts. 

Our weekly live broad­cast, Swan Signal Live, pairs notable guests for compelling discus­sions about Bitcoin and economics. The live broad­cast is then published as audio on theSwan Signal Podcast feed. 

Swan Signal Live 26: Lyn Alden and Nic Carter
Discussed the transi­tion away from dollars and onto Bitcoin, free-banking in the Bitcoin era, drawbacks of central bank digital curren­cies, and why bitcoin won’t suffer the same fate as gold. 

Swan Signal Live 27: Erik Townsend and Yan Pritzker
Lively discus­sion about central bank digital curren­cies and govern­ment responses to Bitcoin. Erik argues Silicon Valley will team up with govern­ments to create their own currency. Yan argues that Bitcoin would outcom­pete these poten­tial competitors. 

On Bitcoin’s User Experi­ence (UX) by Gigi
Bitcoin is only ~11 years old and has a long way to go in terms of UX. Gigi thought­fully compares Bitcoin’s UX today to the early internet. TL;DR the future is bright, but we have a lot of building to do.

Swan Signal Live 29: Preston Pysh and Andy Edstrom
Why corpo­ra­tions like MicroS­trategy are adopting bitcoin as a reserve asset and impli­ca­tions of Bitcoin held widely in public company portfo­lios. Educa­tional for begin­ners and deep insights for the insiders. 

Swan Signal Live 30: Raoul Paul and Vijay Boyapati
Our most popular episode to date. We discuss the history of fiat, defla­tion, Bitcoin vs Ethereum, risks to Bitcoin, and price manipulation.

Behind the Scenes at Swan

  • Our signup process for new customers has dramat­i­cally improved (most people get approved the same day). Invite your friends and family to Swan!
  • Daily buys coming soon.
  • We welcomed Brandon Quittem (@bquittem) to the Swan Educa­tion team. Brandon is most well known in the Bitcoin commu­nity for writing the Bitcoin + Mycelium series. He has an enter­prise software, marketing automa­tion, and commu­ni­ca­tions background. 
  • Our weekly Swan Signal Live (SSL) video and podcast format is growing rapidly. We carefully pair two guests, leading to unique insights not found anywhere else. SSL airs on TwitterFacebookYouTube, and Twitch, or you can listen to the audio podcast at

Free Bitcoin Book

As a token of our commit­ment to Bitcoin educa­tion, we’re giving the Swan commu­nity a free copy of Inventing Bitcoin.

It’s a highly regarded Bitcoin book written by our CTO, Yan Pritzker. 

If you know any friends/family that are inter­ested in bitcoin, in return for the free book please share this page so they can get a copy of the book too

The Swan Team

P.S. What do you think about Swan? How can we improve the service? What can we do to recruit more Bitcoiners? Just reply to this email. 

We really appre­ciate your input and we put it to good use to make Swan a better service for you.

This blog offers thoughts and opinions on Bitcoin from the Swan Bitcoin team and friends. Swan Bitcoin is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin using your bank account automatically every week or month, starting with as little as $10. Sign up or learn more here.

Brady Swenson

Brady Swenson

Brady is the Head of Education at Swan Bitcoin, the best place to buy Bitcoin with easy recurring purchases straight from your bank account. Brady also hosts Citizen Bitcoin, a podcast focused on documenting his journey learning Bitcoin, featuring some of the biggest names in the Bitcoin world.

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