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Gigi and Udi Wertheimer: Swan Signal Live E16

Posted 7/13/20 by Brady Swenson

Gigi, author of 21 Lessons, and Udi Wertheimer, indepen­dent software consul­tant joined Brady Swenson and Cory Klipp­sten to discuss virtual reality, Bitcoin nodes, memes, and the geopo­lit­ical conse­quences of Bitcoin.

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Episode Summary

00:00:00 — Analo­gies in Bitcoin (first few minutes of episode cut off) 

00:00:40 — The power of open source software

00:02:25 — Bitcoin real estate

00:04:15 — Current state of virtual reality and areas for improvement 

00:10:47 — How VR is different and why it’s worth the investment 

00:17:32 — Current limita­tions of VR 

00:22:51 — Why you should run a Bitcoin full node 

00:26:29 — How to increase full node adoption 

00:29:15 — The geopo­lit­ical impli­ca­tions of Bitcoin as the native currency of the Internet

00:45:01 — Memes and the cultural impact of Bitcoin 

00:51:02 — What can’t Bitcoin fix? 

00:55:48 — Does the Cantillon Effect apply to Bitcoin? 

01:05:59 — Questions for Satoshi 

01:09:36 — Closing thoughts



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Brady Swenson

Brady Swenson

Brady is the Head of Education at Swan Bitcoin, the best place to buy Bitcoin with easy recurring purchases straight from your bank account. Brady also hosts Citizen Bitcoin, a podcast focused on documenting his journey learning Bitcoin, featuring some of the biggest names in the Bitcoin world.

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