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Swan Premium Partner Discounts

Take Advantage today of these PREMIUM Discounts from our Partners.


40% off for Swan Premium clients.
Track your crypto portfolio and file your crypto taxes with their crypto tax software!

Visit Accointing and use SWANPREMIUM-40 at checkout

BTC Cards

10% off for Swan Premium clients.
Making Bitcoin fun and easy for anyone to learn. Rather than simply providing a deck of Bitcoin cards, BTC has taken concepts from traditional trading cards and is introducing rare, ultra-rare, and legendary cards filled with educational content.

Visit BTC Cards and use code: WNM338ZP0VTW at checkout


15% off for Swan Premium clients.
Easy to use, hard to destroy. BitPlates are the ultimate Bitcoin backup seed storage plates.

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10% off for Swan Premium clients.
CryptoCloaks are your go-to for unique Bitcoin products. All items are 3D Printed to order and customized for you! Take a look around! We guarantee you’ll find something you love.

Visit CryptoCloaks and use SWANPRIME at checkout


FREE 3-month IVPN subscription for Swan Premium clients.
Foundation’s Passport is the Bitcoin hardware wallet you already know how to use. With a gorgeous design and familiar interface, Passport makes it easier than ever to self-custody your Bitcoin. No more sitting at your computer or squinting at tiny screens. Passport seamlessly connects to your phone, empowering you to quickly view your balance and move Bitcoin in and out of cold storage.

Visit Foundation and use SWANPREMIUM at checkout

Privacy Pros

15% off for Swan Premium clients.
Back up your Bitcoin in Steel. Privacy Pros Billfodl Marine Grade Stainless Steel gives you peace of mind when protecting your Bitcoin against fire and flood.

Visit Privacy Pros and use SWANPREMIUM15% at checkout


15% off for Swan Premium clients.
Unique Bitcoin-themed apparel. Don’t get FOMO!

Visit FOMO21 and use SWAN2023 at checkout

Six & Lemon

10% off for Swan Premium clients.
Bitcoin-inspired apparel, by the Bitcoin community!

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Mr. Satoshi

20% off for Swan Premium clients.
Premium Bitcoin Apparel!

Visit Mr. Satoshi and use SWANP20 at checkout


10% off for Swan Premium clients.
Coinkite is a leader in security and hardware manufacturing.
Maker of some of the most iconic Bitcoin products, such as OPENDIME, COLDCARD, BLOCKCLOCK, SATSCARD, TAPSIGNER, and SATSCHIP.

Visit Coinkite and use SWAN at checkout