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Specter Desktop Relaunches with New UI and Improved User Experience

Secure your bitcoin. Verify your transactions. Protect your privacy.

Moritz Wietersheim
Moritz Wietersheim
Mar 9, 2023March 9, 20232 min read2 minutes read

Looking to simplify self-custody and drive Bitcoin adoption, Specter Desktop Wallet releases two new features: a refined user interface and plug & play connectivity to the Bitcoin network via Electrum servers. These exciting updates provide an easy experience for managing your Bitcoin.

Improved User Interface

The new look is both visually appealing and user-friendly while respecting the design of the original user interface. Securing your Bitcoin is now easier than ever with Specter Desktop.

Plug & Play Connectivity

Specter also introduces a new feature that allows users to easily and quickly connect to the Bitcoin network via public Electrum servers. This functionality was designed for new Bitcoiners who are just starting out, allowing them to easily hold their keys and manage their Bitcoin without the need to run their own Bitcoin servers.

Control Your Journey

As Bitcoin users learn more about the technology and the benefits of increased privacy and control, they can upgrade to running their own node or even their personal instance of an Electrum server. This additional step not only improves users' privacy by eliminating their reliance on the backend server infrastructure of a hardware wallet manufacturer but also makes them more sovereign by allowing them to run and control their own infrastructure.

Committed to FOSS

One of the key principles of Specter is its commitment to the FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) approach. The Specter and the Swan teams are dedicated to continuing to support the FOSS approach and doing their best for Bitcoin and Bitcoiners. With the new feature and refined UI, Specter continues to uphold these principles, providing a secure and reliable platform for managing Bitcoin. The Specter team would like to extend a special thanks to all their FOSS contributors and the Swan team for their support during the development process. Their contributions have been instrumental in bringing this upgrade to life.

Enhance Your Bitcoin Security with Specter

If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly platform to manage your Bitcoin, Specter Desktop Wallet is a must-try. Its simple user interface, robustness, and flexibility have made Specter a popular choice not only among individual Bitcoiners but also among many companies and projects, such as the Bitcoin Beach Wallet, family offices, OTC desks, high-net-worth investors, and mining pools.

Moritz Wietersheim

Moritz Wietersheim

Moritz is the founder of Specter Solutions. He is convinced that Bitcoin will become the core payment and settlement infrastructure for the internet and that it will provide the incentives to rebuild the internet trust layer with cryptography and digital identities.

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