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Bitcoin is a Monumental Event in Human History

Bitcoin has the possibility of ending the financialization of state war by ending fiat money and restoring natural law and money to our planet.

Erik Cason
Erik Cason
Aug 17, 2022August 17, 20224 min read4 minutes read
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Over the last decade that I have been involved with Bitcoin, much of my thinking about it and what it is has changed and evolved dramatically.

Today I believe that Bitcoin is the most monumental event in the last two millennia of human history. 

Here is why:

Bitcoin can only be adequately understood after extremely deep contemplation. It is perhaps the most misleading object in human history, and this is for the explicit purpose of hiding, concealing, and protecting its essence, so that it could accrue the needed power for its extreme mission.

This mission is to liberate all of humanity from the evil that is fiat money, and to return all of humanity to the radical truth that is honest and accurate accounting. It is only when we have a deep understanding of the historicism of the relationship between money and law, that we can come to understand Bitcoin.

It is this relationship between money and law that we must investigate most critically. Only when we start to deconstruct these ideas can we start to see that we are deal with something that is not money or law, but something much more guileful. 

Only through a historical study of money, law, and war can we understand that what we are told are 'money' or 'law' are anything but that. What we instead have today is something much more situational where only what governments decree to be 'money' or 'law' are considered as such.

This means that the law and money are not something that is actually independent of a government’s say-so but are instead always situational. And that means that the 'law' can always be rendered impotent, and your money rendered useless by the emergency decree — that which suspends (and ultimately deposes) the law.

If both money and law are always subject to any 'emergency' then there will always be an emergency that can suspend either — or both. This may be the most important historical fact about money that there is: fiat money is borne out of a declared “emergency” and exists under constant and continued declarations of “emergencies” — all of which benefit the wealth and power of those making the emergency declarations. And this is why Bitcoin was created, and why it was built the way it was and has been cultivated as it has been.

There is no way to have fiat money that is not subject to such whims. This is why and how the economies of the twentieth century were hijacked and directed to the purpose of war. It is also how giant sectors of the economy were wholly overtaken for the political purpose of killing, destruction, and murder.

Today there is no exit from this hellscape we call reality. Governments today are magnitudes more powerful than ever before, and they hold at their fingertips the very real power to destroy all biological life if they choose to. This is only possible through fiat money.

Only in this bleak context can we start to understand that Bitcoin is not just the saving power by which we can liberate humanity from the barbarism of fiat, but it is also the only hope we have in regaining control over our economies that have been mutilated for infinite war.

This is just one of many facets of Bitcoin that makes it the most radical technology in existence today, and quite possibly messianic in the total context of humanity. It has the possibility of ending the financialization of state war by ending fiat money directly and thus restoring natural law and money to our planet.

Erik Cason

Erik Cason

Erik is a committed researcher who is concerned with the long-term social, political, and philosophical issues that are at the heart of cryptographic blockchain systems like Bitcoin, and the personal sovereignty it can provide.

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