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You can find Sven on Twitter and on YouTube.

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Who is Sven Starfury?

Sven was born in East Berlin, his family escaped communist East Germany in 1985 to live in Australia. A wanna-be hacker kid who grew up on William Gibson and Neal Stephenson novels and dabbled with 0-day Amiga Warez BBSs before witnessing the birth and growth of the internet. As an introverted teenager in the 90s he made ascii-art, as a fire-dancing psychonaut and party-fiend he produced psytrance in the 2000s, but in 2020, now a father and husband, Bitcoin was the muse that inspired him to learn animation...

A freedom-seeker and rugged individualist with skin and soul in the game, Sven's focused on creating animated loops that convey the deeper concepts of Bitcoin.


I was into memetic warfare before Bitcoin. In 2016 I attended my first libertarian conference and I got the idea to make 'taxation is theft' bumper stickers. If you're going to be selling a product, it's always good to give people options, so I came up with a bunch of designs and my #TruthTags project of philosophical bumper stickers was born--aka 'Weapons of Mass Instruction'.

When I discovered Bitcoin Twitter in 2018 I didn't really have a lot to offer, but I soon recognized the power of GIFs. Twitter has it's character limit, but if a picture can speak a thousand words, how much information can one convey with an animation?

I've always loved using software, just learning the tools themselves even if I didn't really know what I should be making. When I was a teenager in the 90s I owned an Amiga, I made ascii art, pro-tracker mods, used the earliest versions of DPaint, in my 20s I dabbled with music production (even got one of my tracks released on vinyl!). In my 30s I needed to learn the Adobe apps to run my business and support my partner in running hers.

In hindsight it seems inevitable I would arrive at After Effects...

after effects

One of my #TruthTags was "In the Age of Information, Ignorance is a Choice" (don't ask me about 'The Age of Misinformation', that's a whole other can of worms!)...

You could watch tutorials for Adobe products on YT for the rest of your life and not run out of content.

If there's something you want to learn today, you have zero excuse.

I use a YT video downloader and now I have ~30gb of After Effects tutorials that I refer back to as needed.

The learning curve is super steep, but Bitcoin is a potent muse, so I stay keen.

Best of luck =)

GIFs by Sven

bitcoin separates money and state bitcoin is money

bitcoin is neutral apolitical permissionless unconfiscatable decentralized free speech freedom money

bitcoin flag iwojima flags of our fathers

the world and bitcoin

fix the money fix the world

bitcoin pacman eating up fiat

bitcoin infomatic

banksy balloon bitcoin swan anarchy

the revolution will not be centralized

bitcoin on fire

bitcoin fixes this

swirling bitcoin world flames

swirling bitcoin world astronaut

swan world astronaut

bitcoin moon man astronaut

fix the money fix the world bitcoin

understanding bitcoin through the internet protocol stack

by some sly roundabout way they cant stop

by some sly roundabout way they cant stop

infinite cash federal reserve kashkari

swirling bitcoin federal reserve

swirling pepe anon

synthwave bitcoin flag

money without masters bitcoin

few understand this bitcoin

dont trust verify bitcoin

buy bitcoin because math

separation of money and state

run the numbers do the math

not your keys not your coins

sovereignty needs sovereign currency

bitcoin realigns incentives

bitcoin fixes this synthwave

save money buy bitcoin

conserte o dinhero salve o mundo

psychedcelic machine elf money

stay humble stack sats

hodl blue

hodl mesmerizing

tik tok next block tiktok

number go up ngu

trust in government going down as knowledge of history increases

swirling bitcoin colors glitch


infinite bitcoin


what we do now echoes in eternity marcus aurelius

money printer go brrr dan held


bitcoin isn't a bubble its the pin

federal reserve m2 money supply bitcoin supply curve

decentralization vs centralization

reserve currency status does not last forever

days vs years zoom out

stack sats

number go up

united states jobless claims

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