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"All in. Decentralize everything. No force can withstand an idea whose time has come. Bitcoin is the real protest." -SelfBankt

Who is SelfBankt?

Bitcoin is full of anonymous heroes, and SelfBankt is no exception. He is one of the most prolific meme artists and graphic designers in the space and he recently published 21ism: a Bitcoin Graphic Story of Hard Money, which is available for purchase or free DIY download and print at 21ism.com.

You can find SelfBankt on Twitter & Instagram.

Meme Nuggets from SelfBankt:

Follow the best people. No harm in trying to improve on some of their smartest soundbytes on Twitter or podcasts

  • Download Canva to your phone, free version all good, can easily overlay images, fonts, colour picked boxes etc to hide elements you don't want
  • Add pictures, from Google images maybe, rule of thirds plus Fibonacci compositions
  • Find some transparent PNG Bitcoin images you like for overlays
  • Use consistent style, colours, filters, font (pick a font)
  • I've started posting on Instagram first as their filters can really add atmosphere, then using the final Instagram image in Twitter
  • Post frequently
  • Maximise your tags, why not? sometimes people ask you not to tag them, no worries, up and coming accounts love the exposure, good bitcoin on ramps deserve exposure and it all helps the ecosystem
  • Be creative, find your angle
  • Iterate

SelfBankt Memes & Graphics

the time is nigh bitcoin

dawn of the bitcoin renaissance

obey satoshi bitcoin

dawn of the 4th bitcoin epoch

honey badger DGAF

all bitcoin news is good news bbc breaking

bitcoin is a cooperative

bitcoin is a claim on the future productivity of the planet for perpetuity discounted to the present

fiat is like gift cards. buy only what you need and dump asap

black swan nassim taleb

bitcoin is a drop in the ocean of value

sovereignty is taken not given

bitcoin apex predator of money

neo matrix bitcoin believe

bitcoin uprising

bitcoin is my vote and my protest

shill lightly jesus bitcoin

bear slaying mountain men funning full nodes

bitcoin is the big short

don't exchange time for infinite money

plan b milkyway

bitcoin is my rifle

bitcoin is my vote

rome wasn't burnt in a day

i think therefore i bitcoin descartes

unfuck the money satoshi mask guy fawkes

free your money morpheus matrix red blue pill

a hedge on global collapse bitcoin

embrace the dip meditation bitcoin

bitcoin fixes money

can you feel it? bitcoin giant monster wave surfing

bitcoin dollar bill legal tender public and private debts

new normal gas mask bitcoin

if youre not radicalised youre not paying attention bitcoin protest

bitcoin is a money battery

paper money usd is a shitcoin

dollar is a store of debt. bitcoin is a store of value

long bitcoin short the world

bitcoin is a silent vote

bitcoin is my safe haven mantra meditation repetition

honey badger DGAF

sanity and safety in sats ship sinking

hodl propaganda rocket moon btc

just stacked big basketball dunk

why are you really here morpheus neo red blue pill matrix

great wealth transfer bitcoin martin luther diet of worms

shattering monopolies bitcoin sun broken window shattered glass ceiling

bitcoin is a battery

hands reaching for bitcoin a claim on the planets future productivity

bitcoin is a lifeboat cruise ship sinking

post millennial tension bitcoin playing chess

cypherpunks are the bitcoin kernel

fiats empty promise russian nesting dolls putin trump angela merkel stalin

bitcoin is rebel rebellious code

stack sats vires in numeris trust in btc russian propaganda

a network of aligned incentives burning man temple bitcoin

the concept of money is changing bitcoin protest smoke flares

bitcoin bootstraps the age of responsibility

cyberpunk 2020 bitcoin keanu

a truly globalised economy needs denationalised money obviously bitcoin

bitcoin is not a bubble its a pin

neutrality of money bitcoin

bitcoin disruptor

choose life choose bitcoin bvbtc brekkie

empires end star wars luke skywalker rebel

we are all satoshi

bitcoin unimpeachable

maximally accumulate bitcoin tree roots ancient low time preference

opt out our quiet riot cutting credit cards

seize self sovereignty fire protest arc de triumph

dawn of the bitcoin renaissance greek ruins classical greece

absolute digital scarcity

help me satoshi nakamoto you're our only hope star wars a new hope luke skywalker obi wan kenobi

uncle sam unfuck the money

you wont find reasonable men on the highest mountain tops hunter s thompson

bitcoin equals stealth wealth transfer to millennials

fiat debt slave students graduation gown cap

right here right now dj in front of crowd

join a revolution yellow vests

future geopolitics

bitcoin is independence

bitcoin lightning network tcpip

the solution is bitcoin tiny house container

self defense for internet property rights

enter the fray

bitcoin born to run fetus womb

genesis block da vinci sistine chapel

reject nocoiner politics

hodl fist soviet propaganda bitcoin

nothing compares 2 utxos

keep the faith btc

beware blockchain bullshit

plan a = plan b bitcoin

infinite crypto and finite bitcoin

bitcoin equals = stealth wealth transfer to millennials

dollar in btc we trust

believe in bitcoin rocket launch

time to rise up bitcoin

bitcoin one code

bitcoin rise rocket launch propaganda astronaut

disobey satoshi mask guy fawkes

change is gonna come protest

raging bull bitcoin

hodl build educate pyramids at giza Egypt

money that inflates dies hyperinflation

bitcoin is a cybernetic organism

bitcoin monetary base for all future progress

down the rabbit hole follow the white rabbit matrix bitcoin neo

new monetary base

genesis block

fiat equals government money libra equals corporate bitcoin equals peoples money

don't miss the boat noahs ark bitcoin

bitcoin post millennial opportunity

21 million bitcoin hard cap

all roads lead to bitcoin arch de triumph paris

bitcoin is apolitical money

bitcoin is the native currency of the internet born dewveloped and tested on the internet welcome to mutiny

bitcoin is fuck you money

bitcoin is a claim on the future productivity of the planet for perpetuity discounted to the present

bitcoin description by travis kling

marilyn monroe bitcoin

rebel money

sovereignty by scarcity desert oasis

honeybadger dgaf

the beginning is near burn it down bitcoin

21ism josie bellini

millennials be like j

fiat helter skelter

bitcoin will pump forever arnold schwarzenneger

hodlers progress

trust in code

first they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you then you win gandhi

the revolution will not be centralized vires in numeris

no force on earth can withstand the power of an idea whose time has come

who do you trust? bitcoin

bitcoin is a bottom up reaction to trickle down corruption

vires in numeris

cypherpunk future is now

bitcoin born to run

skin and soul in the game afro

no minimum deposit stack sats

princess leia rebel bitcoin

stay humble and stack sats

bitcoins value will suck in value like the internet sucked in information

rainbow diversity we are all satoshi

open your mind to bitcoin


bitcoin is the worlds new city on a hill

btc rocket ship astronauts cosmonauts

stack sats hodl opsec equals self sovereignty

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