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Who is RDBTC?

My journey towards Bitcoin started with my curiosity in the 2008 banking crisis. I work with IT for my day job and was reading about economics in my spare time. Bitcoin was where they met in the middle.. Books that influenced me were, Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea, The New Case for Gold, Life After the State, Bitcoin the Future of Money.

Conclusion: The fiat system is a scam and only Bitcoin can save us..!

I started making memes before I fell down Bitcoin rabbit hole, and trust me they were shitty. Those days are behind me. Now I struggle to communicate with nocoiners but I do make banging Bitcoin memes..

I wish I could say I have a method to my madness but I don’t, my memes are mostly just brain farts that quite often come to me in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping..

If you too want to make banging Bitcoin memes you’ve gotta put in the hours of dedication. This involves many hours of listening to multiple different podcasts like Swan Signal Live, Citizen Bitcoin, Tales from the Crypt, and Once Bitten), regular snacking and looking at millions normie memes..! Not easy huh.?!

Anyway thanks for checking out my Arsenal page and for your support. 🙏🏻

Buy Bitcoin, Don’t shitcoin. - RDBTC

RDBTC Memes & GIFs

dca sat stackers riding the bull

bitcoin love

giant wave of dca sat stackers vs bitcoin whale

bitcoin black hole

stacking sats bricks

exit fiat buy bitcoin

banks pushing precoiners into the hands of bitcoin

men in black memory wipe defi icos

fiat fed dumpster fire

anime noobs focusing on the wrong thing number go up

bitcoin dunking on central banks

weak hands mr burns simpsons

bitcoin brain

bought the dip like a mfn boss

superman bitcoin

fiat printed out of thin air money printer go BRRR

mainstream media msm bitcoin fud bitcoiners

10K bitcoin how you like dem apples

galaxy brain journey from nocoiner to precoiner to bitcoiner to shitcoiner to bitcoiner

peter schiff old man yells at bitcoin

bitcoin SV bsv hodler getting rekt by elephant dung

sad little girl upset when she finds out her dad buys shitcoins altcoins

enter image description here

defi investors vs promoters

keep calm and buy the dip

defi investors vs promoters

bitcoin taco pleb rocket

bitcoin twitter vs crypto twitter

bitcoin meme injection

defi projects helicopter

bitcoin aliens

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