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Who is GregZaj?

The money is broken. The value measuring stick is broken. The ethics are broken. The incentives are broken. The world is absolutely absurd right now, and the only sane thing I can see is Bitcoin. I poke fun at everything else. I try to draw some attention to the absurdity of the current economic conditions with memes and little videos. It's a family account. OK, it's totally not a family account. These memes are not safe for work, but you should enjoy them on your own private journey down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

I fell hard down the rabbit hole. Books that have had an outsized impact on my Bitcoin Journey: The Bitcoin Standard, Human Action, The Price Of Tomorrow, The Creature From Jekyll Island.

Thinking about problems from first principles is something that I have taken to heart, and has had a large impact on the types of memes I create. I like my memes to hint at, or punch you in the face with a hard truth. I am of the opinion that the best jokes hurt, so sometime the memes tend to sting a little.

The memes I create tend to look like they were put together by a Kindergartener with crayon, glue, and scotch tape. Originally, this was because I didn't have good meme-making software, and I didn't know how to use what I had. Now, I have apps that I've paid good money for, and my memes still look like something made by a chimp on an ayahuasca trip.

How To Go About Becoming A Meme Lord:

The best advice I ever received for making memes was from American HODL. He advised me not to let the meme stew in my head too long, and to get the message out as quickly as possible with as few words as possible.

Post. Post a lot. Post some more. Post again. Post the bad ones. Post the good ones. Post the sexy ones. The more you post, the more feedback you will get. The more feedback you get, the better you will become.

Keep it relevant. Stay up to date on the space. There's nothing like breaking news to inspire a good meme.

Remember what is best in life. To crush your enemies. See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

Here's some of the stuff I've made. Some of it's funny.

husband laughing at buying bitcoin

sovereignhodl champagne spray meme

austrian economics bitcoin trojan horse

SEC doing nothing to protect americans

jack dorsey saying no to shitcoins

rick and morty daytraders taking advantage of noobs defi

stephanie kelton praise from ethereum influencer david hoffman

caitlin long wyoming plebs

have fun staying poor

shitcoin bags heaviest objects in the universe

gregzaj black couch non-kyc coins

value of bcash dissappear

roger ver clown

trump selling son for bitcoin on localbitcoins

man leaving woman who likes ethereum

soviet propaganda making fun of ethereum lack of censorship resistance

Stephanie Kelton wrote this. In a book.
Then she put that book out into the public: stephanie kelton saying the government funds tax payers

Direct quotes from Stephanie Kelton's Book: Direct quotes from Stephanie Kelton's Book

How you find yourself down the rabbit hole, reading Medium pieces, and listening to pods like a degen: bruce willis stack sats bitcoin standard meme

leonaro dicaprio satoshi god laughing at gold

joker bitcoin marketcap meme

creature from jekyll island girl in club meme

shitcoin trashcan evolution

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