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A Recap of the 2022 Pacific Bitcoin Conference

By focusing on learning, entertainment, and social experiences, Pacific Bitcoin blurred the line between a conference and a festival. 

Nick Payton
Nick Payton
Dec 8, 2022December 8, 20223 min read3 minutes read
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As the crypto industry was reeling from the knockout punch delivered by the FTX scandal, 1,200 Pacific Bitcoin attendees gathered in sunny California to celebrate Bitcoin.

No joke, y’all who didn’t come really blew it. Place is vibrating with pure signal.

Let’s recap the inaugural event, share some highlights, and talk about the future.

Blurring the lines between a conference and a festival

By focusing on learning, entertainment, and social experiences, Pacific Bitcoin blurred the line between a conference and a festival. 

A typical attendee might watch an in-depth discussion about Bitcoin and Macro on the mainstage, catch a privacy workshop in the Swan Dome, play some games in the Lightning Arcade, then eat lunch outside while watching a 3-point competition on the Magic Money court, before closing the day with a fireside chat between Swan CEO Cory Klippsten and Michael Saylor.

All signal. All Bitcoin. No crypto. Calm and confident is how I would describe the attendees. Impressed with the size and content of the conf.

Lawrence Lepard

Lawrence Lepard

Calm confidence in the Air

While “Crypto twitter” was having an existential crisis catalyzed by fraud at FTX, Bitcoiners at PB were full of love and optimistic about the future.

The reasons for adopting Bitcoin have never changed and the outside turbulence only reinforces our mission.

There was this smell of inevitable victory.



Highlights From Pacific Bitcoin

Pacific Bitcoin was a two-day event spanning three different stages, each with their own brand of programming. Not to mention countless side events to round out the week. 

LA is Bitcoin central. I loved the energy at Pacific Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor

The Hard Money Stage

The main stage featured the most influential Bitcoiners in the world discussing a wide range of Bitcoin topics:

You can watch the entire 14+ hours of main stage content from Swan’s YouTube channel here. Don’t miss these talks.

The Swan Dome

Making its triumphant return, the Swan Dome featured a unique blend of programming. The discussion topics ranged from highly technical roundtables to light-hearted sessions allowing attendees to connect with the speakers on a deeper level.

Shoutout to Greg Foss for his performance during Bitcoiner Speed Dating 🤣

Swan Dome sessions will be published to YouTube soon. Subscribe to Swan’s youtube to be notified when they’re live. Some highlights include:

  • Thank God for Bitcoin feat. Robert Breedlove

  • Meme workshop w/ Lyn Alden & American HODL

  • 2022 Pitch Competition

  • Bitcoiner Speed Dating 

The Magic Money Court

The most unique and exciting brand of programming at Pacific Bitcoin took place on the Magic Money Court.

This stage was a safe place to allow our competitive nature to take hold. Every hour seemed to produce a new highlight, including a kid who won $650 of BTC during the knockout round. It also included:

The basketball was so cool. Cory’s out there and evidently he’s a 3-point monster.

Preston Pysh

Preston Pysh

Pacific Bitcoin showed the world that the future is bright when everyone understands what is truly important for human flourishing.

As the broader crypto market implodes and centralized altcoins fall, Bitcoin is proving in real time why it stands alone.

Fix the money, fix the world.

Pacific Bitcoin 2024

Pacific Bitcoin 2024

We’re returning to the Barker Hanger during the Fall of 2024 in Los Angeles.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Early bird ticket discounts are limited and going fast.

Get your tickets today!
Nick Payton

Nick Payton

Nick Payton is the Director of Marketing at Swan Bitcoin. He has operated his own consulting agency for over 10 years with a focus on digital campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. Nick’s analysis is shared across social media and native content on He is focused on educating people on the benefits of adopting Bitcoin.

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